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  • billhall954 billhall954 May 15, 2013 5:58 PM Flag

    I'm sorry GOOG shareholders but do you really like to wear glasses?

    There is no way!!! I know they have a lot other things but I find it hard to believe that Apple is truly just sitting back and hoping their current products just keep selling and not continuing to innovate. Apple is just a lot better at keeping it confidential than GOOG. Google puts it all out there because what they are doing is not a game changer anymore.

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    • What bothers me about GOOG is the fact that they throw all this #$%$ out there, to see if something is of interest (which is one idea), but none of them are ever more than 70-80% complete. Even Chrome is not consistent, yet no one shows scorn as they would if it was Microsoft.

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      • I agree that Google puts a lot of product out there that's not 100%, but Chrome is the best browser on the market by a huge margin. If you are a developer you cannot live without Chrome, and as a user it is far and away the fastest browser out there.

      • calls_them_as_i_see_them calls_them_as_i_see_them May 15, 2013 7:03 PM Flag

        Exactly. They never finish anything. They are treated like little spoiled brats and work only when they feel like it. They can play volleyball and other stuff whenever they want. Some guy spent weeks building a giant toy roller coaster. They need some form of a realistic corporate work environment. They are mostly a bunch of gold bricking arrogant programmers who think they are above everyone else. They should get to work and at least fix Android for the pour souls that use it.

    • Do you like to hold a hunk of metal and glass in your hands. Do your like to tap your fingers against plastic cubes? No one likes interfaces, what Google Glass does is make the interface much less obtrusive.

      Don't let your love of Apple blind you. Unobtrusive interfaces and the ability to easily record your entire life is desirable, and Apple is working on it to. Respect the competition, don't dismiss it.

    • I think Google Glass will gets lots of press and few sales. People like their technology but don't want to go around and look like some Robotic device. I have already read some reviews and they were not very flattering. Seems like girls really don't appreciate the "Coolness". The VR, is not perfected enough and you find yourself screaming and people look at you as if you are crazy.

    • Cool sunglasses...yes. Google Nerd Zombie

    • I certainly hope so... but WHEN will they announce it? MacWorld used to be it. What other opportunities could they have for such an announcement? I would have hoped that if anything, the latest CC might have been an opportune time for a reveal or at least hint, because it looks to many that they'd run out of ideas when they started taking about debt.

    • Well for now whatever GOOG does would be pure INNOVATION and GOLD mine ..... Even if they invent VCR again!!! Time will tell .... All these news give time to hedgefund DUMP Goog and buying AAPL . when aapl hit $800 it will be our turn!!!!
      See you at $600 soon my friend .

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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