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  • garret721 garret721 May 15, 2013 7:03 PM Flag

    tim cook silence better be golden

    All this silence by cook and the company had better lead to something really innovative to move the needle back up or there will be hell to pay by all shareholders.if you think this is a sell off just wait.i am a long time shareholder and will hang in there till january.

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    • "Tim Cook silence better be golden"
      I agree. Pay the complainers below no mind. Either Apple (by the end of the year) has shown itself to be the same innovative world beating company it has proven itself to be or Tim Cook goes down in history as the absolute worst CEO ever to fiddle away while the company was burning to the ground right before his very eyes. We can give him the very first "Nero" award.

      And all this secrecy at this point is ridiculous. The competition still shamelessly steals Apple's designs, so why be so protective about it? As a comparison, as early as October BBRY was blabbing to the world about their BB-10 phones that would be available in February, and they were late at that! People are willing to wait for new Apple products, they WANT to wait for new Apple products, and they WILL wait for Apple products if only they new what was coming! So tell them, for Khreist's sake!!

    • For the love of #$%$ The stock went from 385 to 465. Too much too fast, it had to give some of it back before it could continue.
      If you can't handle swings put your money in a CD. Better yet growing some #$%$ balls and play the swings.

    • Tim should have one mo apolgy (last one ) to share holders for his resignation.
      He prooved enough that he is incapable to lead a co. , He can not lead on Steve legacy
      anymore,is time to go before destring entire AAPL and good people working there.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • what silence - didn't you listen to the cc a few weeks ago....?!?

    • Gagged by BOD.
      Cook is toast.
      Ive CEO for WWDC

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