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  • buylow40 buylow40 May 17, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Why doesn't AAPL just say "we are considering a larger screen format"?

    They don't ever have to come out with one but just saying they might would pop this to $600 in a very short time. And if my then they don't launch it, minor damage at that point.

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    • So to be clear, you as saying that Apple should make false announcements in order to manipulate the share price?

      And what would be the point? If it "pops" to $600, as you speculate, then it will crash down again when the product never materializes. At best, you gain a few months or a couple of quarters of propping-up the share price, but then you are back where you started.

      What's the point of that?

    • Apple does not comment on future products.

      They never did under Steve Jobs and they are not going to start now.

      Apple does not engage in "vaporware." They announce product when they are ready.


      End of story. Deal with it.

    • Tell me about it! That what really peeses me OFF about Tim Cook. Mr Personality can easily say a few things at scattered points, anything to stimulate some price movement. Hell, I'm sure most of us of fair intelligence could feed him things to say. Instead this arrogant SOB ges all sphinx like on his high horse thinking he can just keep mum and not give a dem about stock price. If AAPL actually HAD anything new and was on top of the world like it was last year, he can do whatever the eff he wants. But in this current state? Wall Street needs a bone. He should toss them some.

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