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  • buylow40 buylow40 Jun 24, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    For those that believe CNBC can't affect a stocks price....

    Pick any stock you own. Have cnbc create false reports and provide negative attacks for a period of 7 months. After the 7 months you ten tell me where that stock price is. You really think it wouldn't be down?

    Think about it.

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    • Apple's biggest problem is its love of secrecy. It seems the company decided last year to release new iPhones and iPads around the holiday season and then go silent for a year to redesign iOS. That might have been a good business move but going quiet for a year was asking too much from Wall Street.

      If Apple had announced what its plans were and showed that there was method to the madness the stock price would not have been damaged like it was. But that is not how Apple does things. Wall Street does not like uncertainty and Apple management has instilling all sorts of uncertainty.

    • Orders were slowing last qtr: FALSE-apple beat unit sales.
      Foxconn production was slowing: FALSE-AAPL was moving suppliers and cut back Foxconn work
      iPad mini was selling less than expected: FALSE-It killed thd unit number
      Margins were weakening to 35%: FALSE-they were 38% and holding
      Samsung leading AAPL in smartphone sales: FALSE-They only lead in overall phone sales and NOT smartphone segment.
      Samsung S4 outselling IPhone: FALSE-s4 actually doing sheety

      I could go on and on.

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      • there is a difference between beating expectations and beating on unit sales. Who cares if unit sales go up if they don't beat expectations? u can blame wall street for over estimating and blame the company for little to no guidance now on earnings because Cook, the idiot, is not confident enough to forecast correctly. The problem is the charisma free idiotic Cook, as long as he is head of Apple, we have an underperforming stock. Those young guns at Google and other techs will eat up an old stodgy operations guy like Cook. He needs to be kick out of apple.

    • This is likely a rumor I heard all the people in the Irish Corporate headquarters are selling. They control all of APPL cash and they should know what is happening.

    • If AAPL refuse to do the positive talk themselves, why blame those doing otherwise? The bulk stops at Cooks doorstep. All cooks reports have been arrogance that brings stock pain.

    • what is the false reporting on apple? I have some apple shares myself, not much at all, just part of portfolio holdings... so what is CNBC reporting wrong on Apple.. By the way, John Fortt is one of the biggest apple bulls out there on CNBC and everything he reports on apple is spin to most positve. John Fort is Apple permabull for a long time.

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