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  • imaginejml Jun 26, 2013 6:53 PM Flag

    Apple is being revalued for no new products that will matter. The BOD appears to be derelict in its duties by keeping

    Cook on as CEO. Since WWDC, Apple has been in a free fall. WS does not believe there is anything in the pipeline that will be accretive to earnings. Cook has not convinced anyone that Apple actually has stuff to offer. Apple employees have been leaving the company for jobs in other tech companies.

    Right now, Apple may as well be dead. Until they get leadership in place who,says thar people who want a 5" screen are not silly, this stock is done. I closed my position last week for a small loss. Regrettable for a company like Apple, but that is how it is.

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    • You nailed it. Cook has not added any value to the company. It's amazing that Wall Street gave him so much credit by taking the stock parabolic after Jobs death, even though he had proven nothing. No acquisitions worth while, no innovation, and a total lack of regard for shareholders, but more importantly for the opinions of people that buy their products.

      Apple lost the ability to creat buzz and excitement with the passing of Steve Jobs. They used to be able to get away with arrogant moves like not allowing flash on devices (which still irritates me), but ignoring the market will not work unless you are the trend setter. I personally do not care much for apple as a company anymore. I have a lot of iMacs, three tablets, two Mac Book Pros, and an iPhone, but I will not be buying anymore Apple products. I have no seen enough innovation to drive me to purchase new products, and I'm frustrated with the iPad 1st generation that doesn't work right since the last OS that I updated with.

      I will take my losses on my August 450 calls and start selling calls until this hits $430 or fires Tim Cook.

    • i bailed out a few months back- I do agree with you about cook. the worst thing IMO you can do with an innovate high tech company is think an operations guy is the one to lead the helm...cook is about efficiency, not about creativity...I suppose Apple doesn't come up with bigger phones as its more effiicent to crank out millions of the same size, but come on, there are significant market segments that wants something other than the one apple phone made...sadly I am done with apple as well. Call me back when they have a creative leader at the helm. Cook has nothing...let him run a consumers good or industrial goods company...

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