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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jun 28, 2013 2:12 AM Flag

    NEVER EVER FALL IN LOVE WITH A STOCK. Short it down and make money back up.

    How low can it go?
    A lot lower for sure.
    200 easy. Lower very possible.
    I would go long if it goes under 100.

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    • Sorry, but shorting anywhere under $400 is a death wish.

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      • Good luck to you but you really should listen to my advice.
        Apple is going down in a bull market and that is real bad.
        Do you really think it can continue to sell those phones at 800 dollars a piece?
        There will be a dozen good companies making phones as good or better in three years and the price will be 200 dollars and then lower.
        The only companies making money off the phones will be the companies that make the chips that go inside.
        I am wishing all the best but you really should listen to me.Because it is going down and I have seen this a dozen times with tech companies.
        Look what happened to Nokia when it lost the leadership and no longer was THE popular phone to own.
        Besides all this, Jobs is gone. Did the Bulls win after Jordan was gone?
        Apple was driven by him and now it is driving off the road into the ditch.
        Do not believe me--just hold it to 300 and then 200 and remember me.
        I like Apple, It is a great company. But its competative advantage is now disappearing.
        Phones will sell for 200 or less and be as good as the Iphone.
        I am open to watching a possible great new product but so far I do not see it do you?
        if the Iwatch is a great success, I will cover my short quickly but in the mean time, I am making a LOT of money because Apple stock is going much much lower.

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