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  • morrisonmichael994 morrisonmichael994 Jun 28, 2013 11:33 PM Flag

    End of Apple Samsung profits, open smartphone China era

    June 18, 2013, published in London, Huawei smartphone flagship product P6, with numerous domestic smart phone conference different this time Huawei P6's attack, both in product technology, performance and design and price, all with a real milli no discount lethality, with a milestone. New opportunities have emerged!   As handsets nationals, I have been eagerly looking forward to the rapid rise of domestic smart phone. Least be able to look at the end of Apple's era of Samsung's profits. A small cell phone, easily up and down the price of five thousand, equivalent to the price of high-end laptop. Actually still so hot, so that Apple and Samsung few amount of money was soft. In recent years, I have used almost all popular domestic mobile phone, the greatest feeling is the lack of surprise at first glance. Besides the obvious price advantage, there are various shortcomings of total product, the product as a whole was significantly weaker than Apple and Samsung. Typical such as millet, user experience and other details are fine, but you want to form a lethal Apple and Samsung, or obvious lack of skill. Include the use of recent years, Huawei's mobile phone and see each one is in progress, but are still lacking heat. I'm ahead of the release of the first two Zhouyou Xing playing Huawei P6, and finally the first time have suddenly feeling!   Known association with the channel, and marketing known for millet different, the biggest advantage is Huawei cell phone technology. Huawei's mobile phone R & D has been a legend, or even ultra-luxury lineup. The channel, marketing and brand has been recognized by the short board. This is an experience Huawei P6, impressive not just technology and performance, its design and exogenous, as well as the interface and features are not weaker than Apple and Samsung, and a lot has been achieved beyond the obvious. More importantly, the overall transcend the same time, the price is almost the apple knife down the middle of Samsung's high-e

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