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  • jimtorpet jimtorpet Jul 25, 2013 4:50 PM Flag

    2 years ago

    it seemed like the whole world would own an iphone, a macbook, an ipad and an ipod,and iwatch and an itv their growth, their profits and stock price reflected this, over the past year its slowly becoming apparent that not only is there tough competition now with samsung, but now with larger screen phones , a tablet , a phone and an ipod all merge into one device and this creates problems for aaple and its showing in their earnings, all products except for the phone are falling in sales, once the phone market is saturated and once apple finally releases a larger screen phone and once samsung gets popular enough to take enough phone market share forcing apple to reduce margins, apple will be selling nothing but phones at a much lower margin and earnings maybe 2 bucks a share, besides, human nature will not allow for apple to dominate everything,

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    • Apple has a massively loyal user base. The next cool product they launch will sell like crazy pushing the eps up. Could be the TV or a watch or something unexpected.

    • looks like the world is changed by 31 million phones a quarter...

    • You are right on with this. They will continue to make excellent products but competition, slowness of new products put them way behind and I dont think they can catch up. Also all the negative press for the past year has put Apple in a really bad light. The cool factor has evaporated. Even the die hard fanbois are going Android. The Woz has gone Android. Its the early 90's again. Closed system always loses to open system. People are less willing to pay the premium for Apple products now esp in this economy. They will still make quality products but days of dominance are over.

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    • iPad only fell this quarter because everyone knows new ones are imminent, unlike the year-ago quarter where new ones had just come out. This holiday season will rock your world, with all product lines refreshed and new ones brought forth. Then we'll talk about whether the growth is over for Apple.


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