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  • mtgthomas mtgthomas Jul 27, 2013 1:38 AM Flag

    Samsung has stores all over Asia, with the same kind of lines and crowds of people

    Have you ever been to Asia? Samsung has Samsung stores located at large malls all over Asia and Asia Pacific. Koreans love Samsung, as do China, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. Samsung has cell phones selling in Asia that you will not see in the USA, from $75.00 with jellybean. Apple has their iStudio stores in Asia and those stores are small and empty (every iStudio store that I have seen so far is empty). So yes I have seen Samsung stores, and the stores are very busy and are catering to Asians in Asia, where the economy and market is booming.

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    • well, as an American, i think its good to support a commpany born in the USA

    • Recent surveys show again Koreans rate Apple over their own Samsung for quality and preference.


    • I live in Korea. You have successfully written the most ludicrous post of the day. Congrats.

    • I would expect something more out of you MTG. Apple set the standard in every area they compete in. The IPhone is no exception. The IPhone was and is so far advanced to the other products out there it still sold over 31 Million phones this quarter. Apple has sold over 300 Million IPhone's for one reason. It the best phone out there.

      The fact that Analyst raised the bar on Apple's earnings to unrealistic, unreachable levels was no fault of Apple's. And the smartest Institutional Investors and Fund Managers in the world know this. So do the top analyst in the world that's why they all hold Apple in high regard. That's why you still see price targets from $500 to $800. When you make the best of the best products in the world, you don't just pop them out every quarter.

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    • Apple timed the dumping of the IPhone's 4-4S and 5 to inflect maximum damage to the release of the new Galaxy and it worked. The objective was to cause a massive miss for Samsung. Then come back and release the new low cost IPhone in " China, Philippines and Malaysia " to compete with Samsung among others. They can get a high end I-Phone and stop slumming it with the trailer park trash they sell at Samsung. Take a look at the demographic make up of the #$%$ who use Samsung products. They can buy an IPhone have regain their self respect, dignity and pride that went down the toilet when they bought a Samsung.

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    • Yet Samsung just missed earnings estimates and in their Conference Call they tried to say that the peak market saturation had been reached.


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      • Apple has also missed or not beaten estimates for the last 4 quarters (in-line is not beating estimates) . Since I am living in Asia, and I have traded Apple stock, I can assure that Samsung has a strong hold on the Asian consumer cell phone market. In addition, Apple is letting itself become antiquated, introducing nothing new, while Samsung is flooding the Asian market with new devices for every Asian budget.

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