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  • elcanojohn elcanojohn Aug 8, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

    I'm not happy right now!!!!

    I can understand secrecy about exciting new products and such but Steve kept Wall Street juiced and excited and nobody was coming out with new products.

    Today, it seems every other day another Tech company is making roadways into Apple's markets.
    There are all kinds of flavors of smartphones hitting the market. Apple remains quiet.
    Wearable news coming and going from everyone. Apple remains quiet.
    Facebook gaining ground in mobile add business. Apple with over 300+million itunes accts remains quiet.
    Netflix keeps striking distribution deals. Apple remains quiet.
    Everyone seems to have a Social platform. Apple remains quiet.
    4" 4.3" 4.9" 5.2" 5.9" 6.4" Apple remains quiet.

    The only time Apple says anything of anything is regarding the patent litigations they continue to battle against Samsung, Google-Motorola, and now a recent loss decision to throw out lawsuit against some attorney firm.

    Samsung and Google are in the middle of all these patent lawsuits but you still see them making headlines on upcoming products and more. Apple remains quiet.

    It's getting as exciting as watching a developers conference headed by Tim Cook. :-(

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    • And failling misterably, or have you read about Microsoft's "Great Success" with the Surface Tablet products and Windows 8? One has cost Microsoft in excess of 10 figures of writeoffs and the other is widely considered to be the worst Microsoft OS since the original Vista.

      As for Plays for Sure, I'm Sure you Played with it? No? It was Microsoft's great contribution to the Music DRM world which they licenses to as many players as possible, before inventing their own DRM and leaving everyone they'd licensed Plays for Sure hanging . . . .

      Now, what other tech companies are intruding, well . . . Same as Microsoft those who slavishly copied Apple (Think Samsung) and will soon fall apart because they understand neither the technology not the need to keep their source base clean. Already I'm seeing apps and hardware that say things like "works with iOS and some versions of the Android". OK, that's cool, they provided a reasonable disclaimer, BUT, what versions of the Android does it work with? They don't say, so I called, and asked, and the answer was, they don't know . . . it seems to work, or at least boot. on about 60% of the implementations, but they won't say which ones because Google and Samsung doesn't want anyone to know theres a difference. What nice guys . . . It's one reason that they object to Apple's App store . . . Afterall, if you have an iOS device stuff on the store will work, WITH YOUR DEVICE . . . and if there's a fork in the source tree, like between iOS 5, 6, or 7, there's a way to code for iOS (in fact the ONLY way) that links the applications so they run on ALL versions that have the proper hardware support, and even on those that don't they'll offer some functionality.

      Want to compete with Apple, it's easy, first you have to create a development department who's primary focus is technical excellence, and an application design department who's first priority is user producivity, and then get them to work together. Good luck with that.

    • Nobody is happy. No one in the world is happy. It's horrible.

    • Steve was an XKE Jag in a Model A world. It was a little easier for him to drive around....

    • Well put. I totally agree. Apple needs a publicity dept or something. Just when stock starts to get going it crashes on bad news. It happens over and over and Apple stays silent. Way too long in between products and stuff. Even iTune radio was handled badly. No hype. It was like, well here is our radio thingy isnt it cool? Its like the entire company is sleeping on the job.

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      • 1 Reply to apple_bull
      • My point exactly. Don't they realize there is a Pandora, Songza, Spotify, and more out there?
        The iRadio presentation was so bad it was actually embarrassing. It's like oh here is iRadio and you can create your own radio station by artist or song type ...I'm like DUDE!!! I've been doing that on Pandora since it started!!!! There is no innovation! All they did was add an already proven service to their growing ecosystem. Innovation is not!

        The only advantage of iRadio over Pandera besides integration into iTunes - is that it can be free with annual subscription of iTunes Match. But did you see anyone selling that major point?
        Nope. It was just a bullet item. :-(

        Honestly, it was a sad sad presentation - Tim Cook looked tired and quite honestly they all looked haggard and without cojones (spanish for balls) :-)

        When Steve came out it was like watching a wild predator gazing at its prey (audience) seducing with words, a gesture, a certain tone, always letting you know he's got something you gonna want so much you don't care what it just want it!!!

        Personally I'm tired of Apple being the nice guys and ready for them to use all that muscle and flex already. They have a great loyal fan base that continues to grow more and more weary. Incremental upgrades in 2013 will hurt all the great products of 2014 because the base of today will not be the same come next year. In other words, 2013 is do or die to keep the base Apple sticky.

        If the prey sees you growing slower and more passive, the roles will reverse and the predator will become the pray. Apple needs to show everyone who's got the cojones :-)

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