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  • osulin_2 osulin_2 Aug 29, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    Apple (AAPL) sold some 14.6 million iPads in the June quarter, down from 17 million in the year-earlier quarter. Read More At Investor's Bu


    Death of AAPL II

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    • Just a quick note. For the last two ( 2 ) months everyday has been like Christmas morning. Do you realize how many investors have become Millionaires off of this one stock? Do you know how nice it was paying cash for my new car? We LOVE APPLE...Sorry about your luck. You just were dealt a lousy hand in life. My in your next life you will get a better hand. Maybe! LOL

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    • Over $493,000,000 Million A Day In Sales. Over $1,300,000,000 A Week In Profits. Over $145 Billion in Cash. Product Cycle coming into play next month pushing Apple's sales into double digits and now CHL will only sell 7 To 10 Million 5C's. Per Quarter starting out but sales will hit 40 to 50 Million. In addition to other products and services. So I don't think they'll be Bankrupt anytime to soon.

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    • phone is where it's at, pad is just a side show that will die a slow death like all PC makers. Yawn....

    • Guls, these idiot's just pick up whatever old press statements they can find from the dinosaur age and throw it out there. They don't have the ability to read or write, much less do any research to understand the stock market or the companies in it. It's funny you're trying to explain year over year sales to a brain dead idiot, like he would have the ability to understand what you're trying to explain. LOL

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    • There will be no death of appl, just the commodity kind of aapl allowed for PE of 6 -- 8, churning out some 3-4% of dividends, ups and downs ignored.

    • In the year ago quarter, from April through June of 2012, the new 3rd generation iPad had just been announced less than a month before the start of the quarter in mid-March. So, of course, sales were big that quarter.

      Now that Apple has changed its usual product cycle dates with iPhone coming out in September and iPads in October, you have to take that into account when comparing to 2012 quarters.

      Nice try though.

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    • Everyone knows that new models are coming out and holding out till then... That is pretty typical. By no means does it signal the death of Apple.

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