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  • fireundersmoke fireundersmoke Sep 7, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    Apple Iphone Is NOT NUMBER 1 In The U.S.A., Samsung Passed Them

    Why are there so many dumb people here that don't read the news. Also, Android now holds 79% of the World market. Also, Last month it was reported that the Iphone dropped from 16% to 13% of the same market. Don't make your own facts, Iphone has been losing market share for the last 2 years. Also, the Iphone is in 7th place in selling in China, the Chinese slaves of Apple don't like the Iphone.
    Tim Cook can lie all he wants to shareholders, they are dumb enough to believe him. Last Christmas quarter Cook reported Apple sold 44 Million Iphones, That was a lie, one month after reporting the quarter the number was taken down to 37 Million, he will tell shareholders anything they want to hear.
    IRS should do an audit on Apple, Fast, they report anything they want to report, just like Enron did.

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    • You are right. Samdung is number 1 garbage in the USA

    • Either sounds like you got burned by APPL (probably bought in the high 600s) and disgruntled or just ignorant. Either way, sorry to hear your distress. The object of the game is to speculate and buy low and yes eventually sell, sell high.

    • You really sound confused Fire. With all the time you spend researching old news that has nothing to do with real world investing. You've missed the boat on a great stock. You put your life saving in a bad stock and it must drive you nuts watching Apple go up triple digits in two months. It's going to keep driving you crazy to. Apple will continue to climb to $600 or more based on revised earnings going forward. If we get the right product mix Apple could make it back into double digit growth.

      If you were smart, you would sell that garbage stock Samsung, and catch the next wave to $600. The problem is, your ego and pride won't let you admit you made a bad pick when investing in Samsung. So you come over here with that funny stuff trying to be cute and smart and you look like a total fool. We know it, but you don't. How much have you lost on your Samsung stock if you don't mind saying? Now be honest.

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    • andrew.lucibello Sep 7, 2013 11:35 PM Flag

      i think you need to check your facts cause they are all china mobile agrees
      to sell iphone 5c............

      your fooooooked shortie

    • Your problem is that you start with you pre-conceived conclusion (Apple pps must go down) and then try to backfill with convenient and spurious facts to support your incorrect conclusion (Apple must go down). Nice try, but no one is buying it

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    • Fireundersmoke your brain must have burned up. It wouldn't be the IRS investigating it would be the SEC. If Apple claimed they sold 44 million phones and it was only 37 million what do you think the outcome would be? You think Apple would owe more in taxes? That is the ONLY interest of the IRS. The SEC on the other hand would have an interest in their accounting methodology. Obviously you are not clued in to the real world of business and know nothing about making money let alone running a company. Now get back your Junior High school.

    • Just shut up and cover your short from 390, and quit trying to convince yourself that AAPL is going down. What a tool.

    • Hey smoke, what school did you go to ... samdung can sell more of anything with their business model.
      Guess you didn't know that samdung barely makes a small profit on what they sell ... Apple still makes more
      profits than samdung, even if they sell more than Apple ( it's not hard to sell almost giving them away )
      Maybe you live under a rock !

    • Mayso so but the market for smart phones has doubled over the past 2 years

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