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  • elvisprty elvisprty Sep 11, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Added pressure for Mr Cook - no confidence meeting ?

    Could the Apple Board call a meeting without Mr. Cook and give him his
    walking papers soon ?

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    • scropos21 Sep 11, 2013 9:23 PM Flag

      Why would they do that? First off, he's doing a *great* job, as the next few quarters will show. Secondly, the investor panic would send shockwaves through the stock. Tim Cook has been leading Apple, or co-leading, for quite awhile. How soon we forget that the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S were spawned under Steve Jobs. The blueprints for the "next 3 iPhones" (4S, 5 and 5S) were created *before* he died. Either stomp on his grave and point the blame in the right direction (personally, I think all 3 phones have been fantastic) or shut up. But quit clamoring for Tim Cook to step down over products that were designed before he became CEO. You wanna complain about the 5C? That would be fair. But I also think that it's going to prove to be a *big* hit.

      With Steve Jobs, and in this modern world of Apple bashing, we might be in far *more* trouble. He would have told people complaining about the working conditions in China to fly a kite. He would have told people begging for a buyback to go fly a kite. He would have told people asking for a dividend to go fly a kite. We would have had the *exact* same current earnings, and one man against the world in a probable public relations disaster.

      Leave Tim Cook alone. You're getting emotional about the stock price, and stock prices simply don't always act rational. And that's not Tim Cook's fault. Besides, he's buying up shares by the millions and it's going to greatly (and positively) affect earnings down the road. Show some patience or sell your shares. But, either way, put your rattles down.

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      • You are wrong sir. Steve Jobs was a force to be reckoned with. He would never had allowed the Apple Maps disaster, or the iMAC shipment delay disaster, he would have saved Apple billions from throwing away in Dividends to investors that pump and dump, and he would have never allowed Android to take the commanding iOS market share they've enjoyed. Steve Jobs remembers what happened to Apple in the 80's and he made a mortal mistake that put Apple in the brink of bankruptcy when they ignored market demands and pushed for the niche market pricing themselves out.

        The man looks extremely uncomfortable during Keynote speeches and it shows man. When your company's spoke person doesn't related or speak with the audience in an engaging manner you loose the audience. And when you do - your credibility for every word you say looses value.

        This is what Tim Cook continues to bring to Apple Keynote speeches. Not a sign of strength but one of nervousness and uncertainty while spinning the same spin doctor statistics that many find now to be self serving.

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    • If pricing points are not adjusted by year end, no shares buyback increase announced and growth in the Emerging markets are non-existent then look for Carl Icahn to start raving about changing of the board starting with Tim Cook release from CEO duties.

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    • "Could the Apple Board call a meeting without Mr. Cook and give him his
      walking papers soon ?"
      I sure hope so.

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    • nobody at aapl has any balls. that is the current problem.

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