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  • enter_new_alisa enter_new_alisa Oct 5, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    Would Cook Fly To NY If Numbers Were Good?

    Think about it. Why would Cook fly to NYC to meet with Icahn who only holds 2 billion worth of stock which is drop in bucket? If numbers were going to come in good, he would have told him to take a hike. This tells me he most likely wanted to appease him in one way or the other as to not make matters even worse.

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    • you surely strained your brain on that one... and you're wrong... there were some years when iCon was having some tough returns and taking it on the chin, but in the past few years there has been massive gains for iCon... do you know why that is?... we know why... and for that reason that we know is the very reason why cook would fly out to meet up with iCon... and if you think cook is going to fly out just to appease iCon only without cook getting something productive back toward AAPL then you are just plain missing the boat on thesis... and thus your thoughts may be somewhat thought out but they are shallow and certainly not how business is run in this trillion dollar dealing world...

      we urge you to go back and re-think your thesis and come back here and tell us if you were the CEO of AAPL what you would fly to NY and meet up with iCon who somehow has made massive successful turnaround in his more recent investments and which companies that iCon was involved with these huge gains...

      try to not strain your brain too much, we enjoyed your amusing post

    • He flew to NYC to tell Carl to wait three weeks until after blow out earnings and the China Mobile deal is signed. AAPL will then explode upwards and Carl will be happy and take credit. Just my opinion.

    • suewlk Oct 6, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

      Judging by the 34 thumbs down, looks like even the bears don't agree with you. Except that is for Frank_Capra.
      He never seems to learn anything despite all our attempts to teach him.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Another curious thing. Why is there a need to continue the dialog in 3 weeks? If ER numbers were going to come in good, case should be closed.

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      • Your best argument is "why isn't the stock acting better"? Well, it has moved from $400 to $500 in this QTR and up almost 19% so far in the second half of the year.... There are lots of people who own aapl from here on up and many just want their money back as they are sick of the media/analyst aapl drama and the weekly option impact.... That makes the move higher a grind...

        Nevertheless, the top and bottom line are going to look excellent for this QTR and next.... As it goes, the actual #'s will probably outperform the stock.

    • You did it. The Michael Phelps, 8 gold medal performance of idiotic posts on this board. Honestly, unless you are creepskinner posting under a different alias, you are definitely giving that nimrod a run for his money.

      Why don't we counter-speculate? Let's say he went to go tell Icahn to relax on the buyback because AAPL was going to buy out GOOG. That would explain everything, now wouldn't it?

      AAPL is selling out of iPhones and obliterating its own records and you still think the numbers will be bad? They even upped the revenue guidance for this quarter to 39 billion.

      Meeting Icahn has nothing to do with the company's performance, you pathetic douche.

    • Stop embarrassing yourself. This is pathetic.

    • His parents live in NY and it's their 45th anniversary.

    • Do you just sit up and make up possible future wreckage???

    • suewlk Oct 5, 2013 6:15 PM Flag

      Cook never has ,and never will, bow to pressure to pump the stock as you so suggest. It's not his style nor was it Jobs.
      If your'e trying to read some meaning into it to give you false hope to short the stock, go right ahead.
      But realize, Icahn is much too small of a share holder for Cook to spend that much time with. If that was Cook's style he would be meeting with fund managers too.
      Your assumption holds no merit.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • he is a major investor.

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