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  • cyrixborg cyrixborg Oct 24, 2013 6:31 PM Flag

    Why I plan on selling my Apple stock

    I bought at 530 last year and it went to 385. I'm going to collect the dividend and then I will dump stock. To much of the company market depends on one damn phone. Its basically Apple vs. the world.

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    • I am planning to sell about half of shares around 550 pretty soon and carry rest of it for 600.
      if we get a market or whatever pullback, I'll add more.

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    • Hey, good ... why don't you sell me yours, I am buying with both fists !!!

    • Although the iPhone is Apple's biggest profit machine, non-iPhone profits totaled nearly $20 billion in 2012 and likely the same $20 billion in 2013. Google's profits are significantly less than this and AMZN makes NO money. I understand that these companies are growing, but investors don't understand the magnitude of $40 billion in net profits per year. NO OTHER TECH COMPANY made $20 billion in profits for 2012 so take away Apple's iPhone business and they are still the most profitable tech company.

      I would also guess that non-iPhone profits will increase relative to iphone profits beginning in 2015 as the smartphone market slows and Apple introduces new products ie iTV, iWatch, iCar, other wearable tech, iGaming, iWallet, and increase profits from apps, etc.

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    • I hear ya. I was ready to bail when stock tanked after 5s presentation. I was totally fed up. I am going to hold through earnings though because I think things have to go right sooner or later. If they miss then the world is just not fair.

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    • Please tell me at what point you get panicked enough to sell your shares, because I am going to borrow some money and buy your shares. I cannot understand your mentality. This company is kicking butt! There is the "Icahn Put" which means there is a floor under the stock. Downside Risk is extremely limited. They have a gigantic buyback program that might become HUGE! They have new products out and we are going into the Christmas season. On top of all of that, there is the China Mobile news that might come out any day, iTv, iWatch and we have Janet Yellen running the Fed. All the stars are aligned. I am up 17800 dollars right now in this stock. I usually trade short term and after making a 1000 bucks, I get out. 17800 is significant in my life, but I am not even thinking about selling.

    • suewlk Oct 24, 2013 9:33 PM Flag

      Do you always tell message boards when your selling a stock, and, that you only made a token gain?
      I think you need to sell. You don't have the savy to know when to sell, buy or hold. Your're better off selling. IMO.

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    • You don't sound like the sharpest tool in the shed...

    • wow, your rationale made sense. all apple does is make 1 phone and nothing else. LOL

    • Stocks with no money and no earnings and tons of debt are tripling, and you are selling at break even on the best company and cheapest stock there is??? good luck..

    • I'm hanging around for at least a double.

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