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  • whoddaddy whoddaddy Oct 28, 2013 4:50 PM Flag

    They beat Everything why is it lower?

    Makes no Sense! someone is keeping this stock down. It should be trading at 580 with those earnings! Just ridiculous!

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    • Don't worry about it. It is now dawning on the margin watchers that the deferrals are resulting in a lower margin. Meaning.... shorties... that the actual margins are higher thaN REPORTED.

    • It's three things:
      a) Sentiment
      b) Trends
      c) Carl iCon and he is a 'con' (look it up in french)

    • -1% lower for apple stock after earning is nothing
      rebounding strongly now after ER due out
      will go up tomorrow based on stock action

    • I can see why the drop--------------the most cash heavy co in the world, beat revenues and er per share, guided in line. Yep-sell off and buy angies list, or amazon, WS loves them.

    • This stock will be trading at $530.00 at the open.

    • This is why I sold today. Way too many rookies who have never seen a sell on the news. People on the board talking about making millions and people buying far OTM options. Just insane.

    • because the beat was already factored in to the share price. this is why i wrote last week that you don't want to see aapl going UP into earnings - because usually, that means that a stock will sell off AFTER it reports - regardless of a beat or miss! you want to see a stock sell off going into earnings.

      look too at calls and puts and see which ones are cheap (like under $2 for aapl) and which ones are expensive (like over $6 for aapl) - and which cheap call or put has the highest in volume - or close to having the highest in volume - and then you buy at one of those strikes - where the cheap price is with high volume. today, that was at $490 and lower on the puts side - the $90 and lower puts were selling at less than $2 BUT had really high volume! so, that alone suggested that aapl might sell off after it reported. the going up into earnings was another suggestion that said it could sell off after it reports.

      BUT, tomorrow, once aapl gets down to say $500 or so (maybe down to $475 as a low price) , you could then see it reverse course and go up again - and why?? because at $475 to $500, the calls there will be cheap - and so, the options guys can buy the calls there and then drive aapl back up to $530 again and collect on those calls by driving up those calls' prices!

      that's the game the big guys do!! they do it over and over again! there's no guarantee though they'll run the price up to $530 after tomorrow - but i will say that on wednesday, the price should be higher than tuesdays close IF the price on tues closes at $515 or less.

      it's unfortunate for the little guy - if this kind of stuff (re options and price action going into earnings) isn't known ahead of time. this is why i posted the info about it last week - plus posted today that the $490 puts should be bought due to them being cheap - just as an insurance even i wrote.

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