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  • conoscienti conoscienti Nov 2, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    Are you nuts?

    Anyone who would shell out $499 or $599 for an iPad when you can buy a Nook HD Color for only $149-$179 has got to be nuts. Paying an extra $300 or $400 just for the Apple logo so they can consider themselves 'cool' is something that is also nuts. Whenever I see someone with an Apple product, I think they must have skipped economics in school.

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    • You can buy a washer, TV, etc. at a wide range price points with varying degree of features and quality, so why is that surprising? A 50" TV can go from $400 to upwards of $800-$1k. The bigger question you, as an investor, or un-investor (a.k.a. short), need to ask is why so many, in millions, want the high end Apple products?

      Are they all nuts?
      Is it really just for the Apple logo?
      Is it really just for the cool factor?
      Why is the demand so high?

      Or, did you not pay attention in your economic class?

    • tjlj Nov 2, 2013 8:16 PM Flag

      Same reason why people buy Mercedes over less expensive economy cars. Apple is a quality product.

    • Nook is about to die. The cheap price is the last breath before death to clear the warehouses. App developers don't like Droid products since they are all different in software and cost them extra time and money. What do they say about the Nook when their sales are so bad? I just took a look at Amazons Kindle. Many did not have much love for Amazon's support and the products self destruct on a regular basis. They also bring up the fact that they lack apps. Some called the Kindle a disposable, a $150 disposable after less than 18 months for many.

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      • From their 4Q 2013 filing:

        The company plans to significantly reduce losses in the NOOK segment by limiting risks associated with manufacturing. Going forward, the company intends to continue to design eReading devices and reading platforms, while creating a partnership model for manufacturing in the competitive color tablet market. Thus, the widely popular lines of Simple Touch™ and Glowlight™ products will continue to be developed in house, and the company’s tablet line will be co-branded with yet to be announced third party manufacturers of consumer electronics products. At the same time, the company intends to continue to build its digital catalog, adding thousands of eBooks every week, and launching new NOOK Apps™.

        The company will continue to offer its existing inventory of its high quality NOOK® HD and NOOK® HD+ devices at amazing prices through the holiday. As always, Barnes & Noble will provide world-class pre- and post-sales support in its stores for its NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ customers, as well as ongoing software upgrades and improvements to the digital bookstore service.

    • If you compare tablet to tablet, yes the price difference is pretty crazy. In fact, you can call all of us crazy if the tablets were plain tablets when compared side by side. But the facts aren't that simple because you pay a pretty high end price for apple devices and you are guaranteed support for your device for at least the next 2 to 3 years. Even until today's date, iphone 3GS has support of IOS 6.1.3, which means a lot of applications on the apple store are compatible. If you look at Samsung's Galaxy 1 phone, it lost support with the firmware upgrades once the Galaxy S3 and S4 came out. My gf couldn't even update her phone to the most current firmware, forcing her to buy a new phone. Not to mention the NOOK Tablet, are you guaranteed with software support and application use for the next 2 to 3 years?? Are there even developers that will bother to update their applications every couple of months just so that you can use the NOOK?? There is a big article that was released about Samsung being aware of this problem. Now, they are trying their best to create their own ecosystem similar to apple's so that they can differentiate themselves from other android devices. If Samsung doesn't create their own unique ecosystem, they will just fail in the future once they have reached saturation. If you look back in history, who were the big players in the cellphone and so-called tablet devices?? Back then in 2000 it was Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones. Then you have Microsoft's palm pilots and palm devices.Not to mention, i was stupid enough to get a microsoft palm pilot because i needed it for medical school. It became garbage 8 months later cause it just wasn't advanced enough to bring around everyday. What happened to all of them? How many years did they stay in the so called cellphone market to compete?? I can tell you not as long as APPLE devices.

    • Agree 100%. You are very smart.

      Watch and Learn

    • Agree with you 100%. I have nook HD+ @149. However, my wife and kids like iPad. So each has one iPad.
      I rooted my nook and like it. Can do more than iPad but slower for sue.....

    • You're nuts to even pay 179 for a pos like the nook.

    • Apple products = quality= durability=stylish=attention to detail= and yes you get what you pay for!

    • Call me nuts..... order placed for 2.

    • Hey!!!!....short brain, very elementary,YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. You want junk, then go for it. I'm from the old school and buy quality. I currently own the first generation iPad and it NEVER failed to perform....NEVER. Now i plan to purchase a new iPad to merely upgrade my old one that still works.
      Go buy the copy knock-offs obviously failed economics.

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