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  • stockorbust stockorbust Nov 27, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    So I was the loser who bought at the beginning of the year

    It was a tough year no doubt.. Luckily , I did not buy on Margin. Today I broke even plus the dividends I received. Not sure If I will do it again with any other stock..

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    • Excellent thread...for once a lot of honest, helpful posters that admit that so many of us are in the same boat. I think that in the near future and first half of 2014 so many under water longs will breathe a much deserved breath of relief after waiting for this gem of a stock to be finally appreciated for the excellently run company that it is.

    • This has been a tough year to stomach. I bought almost at the nadir of the market at 110 a share in 2009. Before you think Im lying here or boastful, hear me out, as I made some awful choices to follow. I bought a couple hundred shares at $110 in early 2009. Bought and sold all the way up over the last several years, $220, $375, etc. I pocketed on the order of $80,000 during those years. Trouble is I continued this recipe of trading for a quick buck, getting in deeper everytime- afterall the receipe worked. then reality struck when I bought at a dollar cost average of $670 and bought big- margined to the max- on the order of $320k. Paid a heavy price in margin interest holding on, a bit of which was offset by divies. Now, at this point Ive enjoyed the ride back up and have paid the margin debt off entirely. Between my IRA and my trading account Im holding onto 510 shares. Man, its been a very, very tough two years. That, my friends, is the honest, humble truth.

    • Hey, I couldn't believe that it was pushed down into the 400's and yet it went lower to the 300s. Personally, I thought it was reasonable at $700. It will get there again. I started to buy all the way down from $443 to near the bottom and bought more at a higher pullback at $454. A no brainer, but you have to go with the flow. The short bums tried to scare people all the way down and all the way back up. You have to listen to yourself instead of them to make money.

    • chin up player, you are about to make a boatload of moolah (-:

    • I bought NOK at 1.79 all in and held a year sold at 4.65$ and feel pretty stupid now. I bought AAPL at 452 all in and am not selling below 700 period even if it takes a year. Feels great to make money again after 2 bad years struggling to make a $ good luck.

    • Nice to see honest posters on here.

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    • i originally bought at 585 and rode it down, but bought much more between 440 and 480. now up by 10% on all of it. this run is just the beginning, but there will be bumps along the way. just hang on. 640 by earnings and then 685 after blowout earnings. big run-up prior to iphone 6 launch and the wearables will also drive price of the stock higher.

    • Did anyone besides me get stuck bag holding last fall at 685$ I may be the winner of the loser's. Still holding 100 of the 200 shs. I bought.

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    • I was one too but got to say, never considered myself a loser. I bought some near the 550 then bought 500, then 450, then 420 totaling 2,200 shares. I knew I was in the negative but the dividends were just set into repurchase at the current price,, adding to the nest egg. I know where this stock is heading and I'm not going to post that thought, but I wasn't like sheepy looking for instant gratification. The funds/earnings now in the 401just continue to roll over tax free (for now), and when I'm old enough to start tapping it, I will only need part of the dividends,, if even that. Looking at the longer term picture as I am retired right now, not the day to day nonsense. The wife was a little "concerned", but I told her that when I made 100k off this (this year alone), I was going to treat myself to a new UTV! Well xmas has come early, looks like a new UTV cam-am "over" the tree!

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      • girnel. congrats to you!! well played and good patience. better yet, well done with your cost averaging. now to let it ride? I am. my stake far smaller at 120 shares. I originally bought in at 472.09 and then again at 500.70 and total cost basis now is 482.82 excluding dividends. was concerned here as I was with both FB and FLY. both speculative in my thinking. feeling better today but was not a smooth ride. am thinking it is coasting from here thru next earnings report.

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    • They called you a bagholder...a bag with lots of cash now!! Great going! It'll be 600 before you know it.

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