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  • aapl_2000 aapl_2000 Nov 27, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Too many bulls, apple pull back odds now near 100%...

    Sorry longs, apple only goes up when naysayers control this board. I'm an apple bull, but this is a false breakout. It will come within 3 months though... Decide if you want to play the wave, or just stay long and tolerate pull backs.

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    • Thought I would check out the message boards after being gone for awhile. I see nothing has changed. I too hope for a solid run but it isn't beyond reason that a significant pullback could happen. Someone offers anything close to being contrary even if they agree with the base argument and you are trashed and called out. Spent the last two days flagging the raceist a hole, but truly, the vast majority of you are nothing but a joke. Yes, I am long Apple, ahead 87 a share on a mere 80 shares. I'm sure small time compared to you big time professionals. But please call me a shorty and anything else you reserve for anyone who dares to challenge the status quo. By the way, no professional would waste their time on a board like this. I guess that is why I checked it out. Have fun with your ego stroking parties. (This isn't directed at you appl_2000)

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      • didn't take offense to it... you are dead right though, i'm no professional. I'm an amateur with a few millions to invest and lucky to have learned some hard lessons and still make money in the stock market... Fun hobby, and apple is a fabulous company that always brings out emotions in everyone. That's why I"m so certain a pullback will happen.

    • suewlk Dec 1, 2013 11:22 AM Flag

      Sorry shortie, you better spend your time covering instead of continuing to make a fool of yourself.

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      • Shortie??? no way... Following the herd usually works for short term. Problem is 99% of the newbies to apple last week are momentum traders, and the big banks will squash them in the short term making it very hard for apple to rally in December (barring a China Mobile announcement).. However, January earnings apple will break out IMO...

    • u r contradicting yo' self!

    • This train has left the station and it is headed up. Better get on board and enjoy the ride. Yeah there will be some dips along the way but no one knows when to get out and get back in so you best just stay on the train. IMO

    • appl, were you talking about last year at this time ... IDIOT !!!

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    • Gee, nearly 100%. I take it you will short it. Or already have. Nothing is ever near 100%. AAPL only goes up when naysayers control this board? You think there is a causal relationship in that? What rituals do you perform when you are watching your favorite team play football? Do they really work? 100% of the time?

    • baloney -apple is on a run because all the evidence shows that iphone sales are way up. the 5S is far outstripping the 5 last year and the 5C and 4S combined are ouselling the 4S last year. the ipad air is far ouselling last year. apple's p/e is still far behind a tech company like google, yet 5 year earnings projection is nearly as good (and will be adjusted upward). keep in mind that the apple 5S is not even that big a launch, the iphone 6 next year will be the big launch. will apple keep moving up at the pace of the last week - of course not. it will need to consolidate gains along the way. but between now and earnings release, apple is headed higher.

    • It wouldn't be surprising to see a bit of a pullback after the run we've had. What has me mildly concerned is China Mobil's announcement in mid-December. If it does not coincide with the availability of the iPhone on CM's network then we will almost certainly see a dip. But CM is a question of when rather than if, IMHO, so I believe it would be a mistake to sell then. Over the next couple months the potential stock-price drivers I see are:

      1) China Mobil
      2) Periodic analysts' reports on sales of IOS devices during the Xmas shopping season.
      3) A January 2014 earnings report that might fairly be characterized as a blowout, the first such in many quarters.
      4) A capital move, be it a dividend increase or bigger share repurchase.

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      • From my mistakes, Apple is moving up now due to expectations of CM and Better sales. Samsung is not such a big threat after all! But I believe with Apple you need to sell the news. At some point, the stock will tank prior to the 18th as investors have made their money and get out.

        The way to play this is to get out early leaving a small amount if you need to on the table. The stock tanks you get back in. I can;t believe we get CM with Apple but it sure sounds like it. We were disappointed twice already and have been waiting for such a long time that we are skeptical and nervous. I believe it happens but they could say Apple won't go on full scale sale until January 12 or something. Just in time for the Chinese New Year.

        Second fiscal qtr could be way good ... better in the next qtr as this one is good on its own. People won't dump if they China Mobile catalyst is in Second fiscal qtr. Big phone in 3rd qtr and new iphone and ipads in 4 th qtr. Also a watch popping up in any quarter will be huge.

    • If you look at the early fall of 2012 when Apple went up every day you can surmise that Apple could go straight up to 600. Amzn goes up day after day. You have one day selloffs but it comes right back.


    • accmanager Nov 30, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

      There was a 1,000,000 share block dumped seconds before the close. That tells you something.

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