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  • elite9450 Dec 1, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    Apple Calls

    This is probably a newby question..( I am one)..but I would like to hear some opinions on the best calls to buy for Apple. Which strike and date. TIA

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    • elite9450 Dec 7, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

      Ignore Davidspade...his mom didn't make him any meat loaf this evening...

    • I like the 500 Jan calls as theyhave a high delta but not as expensive as Feb. 2014. I will be trading them up as they will start deteriorating too fast for me. Depends on apples action over the next 3 weeks too.

    • buy this fridays $560 Calls and the $565 calls....You will make thousands...stock will open up higher and will have a mid day pullback then straight up from there...will close at close to or at the days high...IPAD Air numbers are insane along with the I phine...22% of black fridays items were APPLE joke...enjy the run.

    • expir 21 dec 610 call. today its = 1.7... neck or nothing,

    • I don't know how much you know about option investing or what your strategy is but
      I think the whole point here is also how much money you have available to invest or play with.
      100 shares of AAPL will cost you $55600 as of Friday closing price.
      If you buy 1 contract strike $575 with 4-5 month out your only $2730 at risk based on current ask price.
      If you are correct in the direction of AAPL stock price and it moves to $600 in December your option contract will jump to $ 50-60 at least or $5 -6 K.
      You are almost doubling your investment here when stock position return is only 4-5 % with a lot more capital at risk.
      Again it all comes down to how much you have $$$$$ available to risk.

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    • Calls and puts are a fools game. Only a trader with lots of money and crucial data at hand should do this.
      Apple is a great company but like all companies it can turn on you quickly with good and bad news.

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      • Yes you are right. Be extremely careful with options. When a stock goes up and we rush into chasing it can be dangerous. A person needs to know TA and how the whole market works very well.

        AAPL has a high RSI now. Stocks also discounted good news or bad news. Be early in the game when trading options or the decade can limit the gains or loose a lot of money.

        I rather buy calls when a stock pulls back to the lower part of an uptrend channel or key supports.

        Overall market is overextended now. The market can easily override good news of an individual stock, especially a stock just has a great run.

        Extremely extremely be careful with options..

    • quiktripper Dec 1, 2013 2:51 PM Flag

      In the money & long term. I would think April or later and stay around $550. Cost more upfront, but safer. Although right now apple is looking pretty good,so if you wanna gamble then you can do the $575 - $600.

    • I would recommend April 2014 strike $575 calls.
      You have 4.5 month time value left with January earnings report in it.
      All indicators point to AAPL moving to $600-650 in January based on Holiday sales and Dec 18th China Mobile deal announcement. These calls will be $50-75 in the money with $20-25 time value left.
      Current ask is $27.30 so you do the math....

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      • I'm not saying this won't prove to be right, but when you go that far out of the money you have to be right and be right fast... Especially those last 60 days time value drops like a rock.. I prefer in the money calls or at the money calls for that reason. I only bought that far out of the money calls when apple was below 400... When the market gets that far out of whack there is almost no downside.

    • February $605. They are in the $12 range probably headed to $20. If you want to hit a home run,go for the $650 calls in February. I think those have a great shot of hitting and will probably go up 400%.

    • If you are long then be sure to sell some calls at a higher strike to offset your upfront cost. This stock can move in either direction very quickly.

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