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  • i_bang_geist_milfs i_bang_geist_milfs Jan 13, 2014 6:02 AM Flag

    Amazed that Idiots Still Support Obama and his Destruction of the US



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    • It isn't just OBAama. Ever since LBJ, the biggest Liar Pres. in history of country, and his 1965 Welfare Entitlement Programs, passed mainly to help the Afri. Am. Population live off the Government and so not suffer the idignity of doing productive work for USA anymore, the USA has been going Downhill. Also Sen. Ted Kennedy's late 1960s law that allowed USA to be flooded by poor 3rd Worlders to provide more voters for the Democratic Party. Now the main function and spending of Gub'ment is to pick the pockets of the Middle Class and provide tons of money for the Welfare Collecting 40%, who live off rest of our backs and They never pay Income Taxes to support the USA. They only take, don't give. Like your parasitic siblingor coursin you don't like who is always hitting your grandparents up for money.

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      • Prior to LBJs so-called Great Society Programs*, only 5% of America's children were born into single parent families. Now 40% are and 70% of Afric. Amer. children are, reason being to take Advantage of Welfare Gub'ment Payments by showing low income by leaving the male partners income off. *(welfare programs that in reality violate the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, that only states "Americans have the Right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, not that other Americans are responsible to support these slackers).

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