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  • balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 Jan 21, 2014 5:32 PM Flag

    Hard to Believe

    Crazy stuff. Analyst today predicting that Apple will guide Down $2 billion on original Q2 estimates that never included anything from CM.....Yikes! Does Apple know how sucky Q2 will be? Then, all of these analysts are pretty much in-line with the estimates Apple gave for Q1 at the end of October. Well holy cow, when Cook gave those estimates, he said that Apple was expecting a "weak" holiday selling season. OK.....but then Apple products end up being the top selling items just about everywhere and 23% of all of Target's sales....and so on and so forth. This is Cook's idea of "weak"? Conclusion? Either Apple is going to blow away the estimate numbers for Q1......or all Apple products must be #1 and #2 sellers at every store everywhere, kick butt and take names....just for Apple to meet estimates. Crazy!

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    • yasi Jan 21, 2014 8:09 PM Flag

      "Well holy cow, when Cook gave those estimates, he said that Apple was expecting a "weak" holiday selling season"

      ...really he said that ??? come on! This is what really happened...

      During the third-quarter earnings calls with analysts and reporters on Monday, Cook was, not surprisingly, very upbeat. "I think all of these ... products are going to do really well. I think it's going to be an iPad Christmas," Cook said.

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      • Yes. He said it in an interview he did. He said that he expected the holiday season to be weak. This is what EVERYBODY was saying. I can pull up 500 stories about how the 2013 holiday selling season was projected to be weak. So I assume Tim Cook, and everyone else, believed that the season would be weak. Turned out it was WEAK for everybody EXCEPT Apple. Apple stunned everybody. To believe that Apple (Cook) knew that a weak season was coming, and decided to guide based upon Apple products being the #1 and #2 and #3 products sold just crazy. I'm saying that NOBODY, including Cook ever invisioned (or guided for) what happened......and if Apple does not blow away the current estimates, I will be shocked......and I assume many others will be too.

    • not the first time they do this. They do it every time apple comes out with new products. I remember in 2007 when I bought the shares around $90 and a they came out with reports that iPhone was going to reduce their sales of the iPods. They of course were wrong but it does put pressure on weak hands or options speculators.

    • There has been 2 recent downgrades in ratings, Wells Fargo and Soc Gen..... I don't believe either one of these analysts lowered actual earnings or revenues.... Both went basically from buys to holds and said, maybe this or that will happen.... But yet neither lowered actual #'s....

    • i agree it is insane, but i'm glad it is happening. good for the whisper number to be lowered ahead of earnings, it just means the surprise upside is bigger. ALL of the data points indicate higher sales for apple (consumer surveys, supply chain, carrier announcements), but these fraudulent analysts are probably just trying to keep a lid on it so clients can buy in before earnings. how many analysts had changed their opinion on best buy before it tanked? not many. whether they are fraudulent or just lame, the analyst community is full of bs.

    • And you also have almost all of Apple's suppliers reporting blowout numbers, 30% higher than the highest they have ever a much followed metric, and still the analysts are within previous guidence? This makes no sense. My gosh, if Apple did have the perfect storm blowout quarter, you could see Apple up 75 points when trading begins on Monday.

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