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  • vpking77 vpking77 Jan 25, 2014 12:57 PM Flag

    Blow out earnings, Apple up $80 by Wed.

    Everyone citizen in the world purchased an iPad mini since Christmas. In Cairo even the camels have one strapped to their humps.

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    • Everybody knows Apple is making mucho deniro, so I doubt earnings is going to sway sentiment to a bullish side. This stock isn't going to move up on Monday. Especially during a market correction. But it will eventually start moving up when new product announcements are made and the big money decides to move it. I'd stay far away from short term call options. Buy next years calls about 20.00 out of money and you should do well by the 2015 Christmas season. Best of luck.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • very hard to move apple needle. market worry about law of large number plus many other things. if number huge, then market worry about how apple will beat next time.

    • It's so annoying how it works . You did 10 bucks last qtr I want 12 bucks next and then 14 .... At these metrics of always having to out do it self eventually everything tanks . There has to be contraction . Every business has it. When the contraction happens the stock price gets overly sold . It's not a fair system .

      Let's say analyst wanted 50 million and they sold 49 million. Stock tanks 50 . Seriously #$%$. Instead of going up 80 for hitting 50 million let. It go up 40 . #$%$ should a stock go done because ppl decide to put a number and what the earnings should be and if it falls short by a tad and then good bye stock. This game is disgusting . Especially appl the leader in sales of anything. Even If margins are less they are kicking #$%$ . It's normal margins will be less over time . They should go private hell with all this bs

    • If apple is not perfect with earnings, and I mean blowout perfect, stock is gonna sell off some. Expectations are high. The good thing is apple has traded down recently so there has been no price appreciation into earnings. Apple is about same price it was on March 13, 2012 FYI

    • really ? but they need to beat the raised estimates which is $5 higher than last qtr. Its baked in the estimates you fool.

    • u funny

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