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  • lcoecubsfan lcoecubsfan Jun 25, 2014 4:51 PM Flag

    APPL has become more of a smart financial engineer than product innovator

    There has been years of hearing about this huge product pipeline and nothing new has developed. At the same time, the leadership team has done a great job turning APPL into more of a financial engineering play than product innovator. Really, the only thing that drove this stock was the great job they to give back some of the $ and a split to get shares down a bit. Outside of that, it has been version upgrades odf the same product and a lot of noise about these products that have been "coming" for years. At this point APPL should be a staple in your portfolio for steady returns, but the big return days are long gone. APPL is just not an innovator any longer. Buying Beats is a good indicator of that as well.

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    • Beats is a good match for them. Now they have several products that break if you drop them from 4 inches.

    • But wait! You neglected to mention some very important aspects of the product pipeline so far; that being highest quality, highest security, highest reliability, highest resale value and innovative style. As for those products that have been coming for years, well, there may or may not be new products tomorrow. There will be security updates when needed, as there were security updates to address Java security issues. As a matter of fact, when the recent Java security issue manifested to alarming issues, Apple shut down Java in every machine running OS X. When has MSFT or Android based devices ever gone to that level of extreme to protect the privacy of their customers' devices? So, while you're mindset is devices that are cheap, cheap, cheap,
      Apple innovates reliability, security, efficiency. You should probably rethink your position.

    • Apple doesn't' like to release things until they're as done as they can be given the tech available. Sure they'll then upgrade that product with high technology as it becomes available, but unlike Sony and their hit with the Walkman don't expect Apple to suddenly start spewing out new products just because their last, oh, half dozen or so have been hits.

      I mean, don't forget, the Apple III was a total flop, even the III+ which should have been named the IV.

      Then there was that period where the sugared water salesman was in charge, lets not forget that, jack up prices until you lose customers . . . . That was dumb.

      So yeah, it is sort of nice to have conservative financial management at the helm.

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