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  • wet_creamy_and_sticky wet_creamy_and_sticky Sep 3, 2014 9:51 PM Flag

    Next week Sept 9 .. Apple can drop $10 in 1 day ( i tell you why )

    There's nothing to spark any fire on Sept 9.. the street expecting 2 version of larger screen smartphone and a i-watch.

    Let me see Apple is doing catch up with SAMSUNG

    While everyone around the world already got a bigger screen Samsung Smartphone... what makes you think people is going to rush out and buy a bigger screen apple smartphone ?? larger screen phone are saturated, there's nothing special about it anymore.... that's why samsung are moving into a new era of smartphone .... the newest note 4 going to be a curvy screen phone and able to take panoramic pictures and etc., NOW THAT'S REFRESHING !! on top of that samsung going to lure you in by offering you something that you have never seen before A VIRTUAL 3-D HEADSET that lets you read your text or watch a movie as if you were in a saturday night big screen movie theatre. .. and a totally new gaming experience using oculus technology and this is only the beginning. ( How in the world can apple top that next week Sept 9 ? )

    NEW big curvy screen smartphone.. the screen size is already bigger than apple new iphone
    NEW virtual 3-D headset ... already put out the fire of apple hype next week and already stole the thunder of google pervert glasses

    NEW samsung i-watch

    moving into something that's already saturated and losing is fad appeal like a bigger screen apple iphone
    USE SOME COMMON SENSE apple sharholders, you got tricked by Fraud St. and bought into the hype of the new bigger screen iphone and unprofitable i-watch

    Another thing you should worry about is the coming $billion lawsuits on apple i-cloud failure .. security breach at its worst

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