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  • vince_man vince_man Dec 7, 1997 2:02 PM Flag

    Clones Again - Deja Vu

    Redundancy is probably not a highly rated concern, but I still don't understand why AAPL pulled the rug out of the clones, especially when they targeted the cheaper end of the market. The current new G3 machines represent a flight to quality and are priced
    high. They would not have been threatened by a robust clone market. The NC strategy will require cheap machines made in volume. Something AAPL can't seem to accomplish. Frankly, I spend more money at Price Club/Costco (where you can go broke saving money) than at Nieman Marcus. AAPL should appeal to the lumpen proletariat more and less to the elite. A PC in every garage.

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    • Re: Clones, AAPL's basic arguement seems to be that clonemakers were not paying enough for the Mac license. As companies like PowerComputing began to gain share on Apple (with often more powerful and less expensive boxes AND very agressive advertising,
      I might add) it became apparent to Apple that they would lose the Farm if they didn't up the prices on licenses. Apple would argue that it spent billions of dollars of time and money developing MacOS8, and if you want to sell a machine that will run it, you are going to pay Apple a handsome sum.

      I think APpLE would like to only license clonemakers for non-competitive and/or supplemental markets. Kind of like the way it wants to sell direct while keeping resellers happy.

      I totally agree with your Price Club statement. It also reminds me of how, since getting a new house, my wife and I have decided to 'save money' by repainting/fixing it ourselves, requiring numerous 'money saving' trips to Home Depot.

      Sorry for the transgression --> I think AAPL will have to get someone else to build the rumored NCs. Maybe UMAX? There were some rumblings in the past. Who else? Any matches?

      GO AAPL!


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      • APPL should make 3 motherboards ( low-end, high-end, and PB )
        Create 3 design bureaus internally to design cases for cpu, monitor, etc... Let'em compete w/ each other and the
        new-cloners (below)
        OS group working on MAC, Rhapsody, Newton, NC.
        Bring in Claris and get hard core about applications!

        License others to design cases, assemble and market computers with an "Apple to the core" logo on it.

        This way they can compete with WINTEL and still keep ideals

        kstar-and anyone else, what do you think?

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