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  • stock02 stock02 Dec 8, 1997 1:33 PM Flag

    WebObjects/misc ramblings

    just tried to get on Sharper Image site ; home page loads fine but all links lead to this message:
    "Did not receive any response from application. It is possible that the application does not exist, or that the requested
    url is
    incorrect. "
    Now I'm not one to nitpick, but it seems to me someone at Apple should make sure that this site ( and others, at least
    those on the list of clients ) works! ALWAYS!!

    And while I'm at it :
    They have too much dead weight at the Loop. More layoffs!
    Attention to detail: Weeks after Nov. 10 DELL was still listed as WebObjects cust. Many other errors and out of
    date info on
    I visited the campus in early October, and was amazed that I was able to access restricted areas. I did look the part
    but had no ID badge nor did I have a key card for opening doors. No problem, employees were happy to open doors
    and allow me to roam the halls . I had plenty of time in sensitive areas to do anything!!!
    On a positive note - Steve is working long hours and is consumed with APPL. And his new Benz is really
    markings but it's a SC600 and at the time was plate less and double-parked in a VISITOR (?) lot.

    I'm still buying stock, options, and products though..

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