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  • FYIguru FYIguru Dec 9, 1997 11:33 AM Flag

    Management: Marketing COOOO!!!???

    I can't for the life of me understand WHY Apple hasn't used the most obvious marketing strength it has right now to boost badly needed sales during this Christmas season! It's really SIMPLE!

    What computer has NO Year 2000 problems? ANY APPLE computer!

    Why should anyone put down good hard earned money to upgrade their PCs ... only to find out that any DOS/Windows 95 based PC (Compaq, Dell, Gateway, etc.)will very possibly have problems come January 1, 2000 .... when you can right now .... buy a more advanced, more powerful, Year 2000 free problem computer!!!???

    I've asked pc sales folks about this Year 2000 problem, and they come up with answers like .... Bill Gates is awfully smart and will have a solution by January 1, 2000 .... or .... well, probably the computer industry will have a recall like the autos and have your bring in your PC for a replacement/fix-it, at a cost of course!

    Who wants that kind of risk .... or unknown cost? A business? An individual?

    I'm getting ready to upgrade from 100 mhz, and am seriouly thinking of buying an Apple PC because of this!

    Why Apple management doesn't take advantage of this competitive advantage that they have over ALL their competition right now is beyond me! Maybe its Steve Jobs .... he must be on another beach in Hawaii trying to figure out whether or not Apple should educate the potential computer buying public about this little well kept secret! Steve ... either get off the pot, or ....! Either run the company to WIN, or get out of the way and let someone else do it!

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