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  • bob__O bob__O Jan 24, 1998 7:25 PM Flag

    I'm selling all my AAPL tonight

    Doesn't seem like there'll be any increases....I've got other uses for my money.

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    • Both shares????????

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      • white_knight_in_texas white_knight_in_texas Aug 23, 2012 12:09 AM Flag

        Just one more person shaken-out for whatever reason.....who NOW sits back on a quiet evening and wonders --- WHAT IF????

        WHAT IF......I would have held onto all my AAPL shares for the LONG-TERM ????

        APPLE is the TOP BRAND IN THE WORLD --AND-- APPLE is very well-managed with the most-efficient supply chain in the entire world.

        INVEST (And - REINVEST DIVIDENDS) in AAPL for the LONG-TERM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        P.S. - Concentrate...or, Think Small -- as Horace Dediu wrote about today.....

        We can put all of our products on the table you’re sitting at. Those products together sell $40 billion per year. No other company can make that claim except perhaps an oil company.

        We are the most focused company that I know of, or have read of, or have any knowledge of.

        We say no to good ideas every day; we say no to great ideas; to keep the number of things we focus on small in number.

        Tim Cook said this in February 2010 at the Goldman Sachs technology conference.

        Since then the only product that has been added to the kitchen table has been the iPad. The sales level however, has increased in proportions shown in the chart below.

        Since Tim Cook made the analogy, the table holding the products has not gotten any bigger but the sales level has more than doubled while profits have nearly tripled.

        In his talk he cited revenues of $40 billion (for the pervious year, 2009). In the last twelve months Apple’s revenues were $148 billion.

        Tim Cook went on:
        I think this is so ingrained in our company that this hubris you talk about that happens to companies that are successful and sole role in life is to get bigger, I can tell you the management team at Apple would never let that happen. That’s not what we’re about. [We have a] Small list of things to focus on.

        The irony is that by thinking small, Apple became the biggest company that ever was.

        The trick to thinking small is the same as that of “focusing” which means saying no, a lot. I touched on this in February 2011. Focusing is the willful rejection of the Nobel-prize winning theory of portfolios.

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    • You are an idiot! Don't waste our time! The stock just broke out and will keep on flying!

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    • gggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    • At 8pm EST (6pm PST) on Saturday Jan 24th "bob__O" wrote:
      "I'm selling all my AAPL tonight"

      Can I call you 'bob__O' ... Or would that be "Mr. bob__O"
      To be safe...
      "Mr. bob__O", You are one heck of a 'streets-men'. Imagine, you have the power to sell the 'volumes' of AAPL you have in you're portfolio on a saturday evening 8pm EST!! You sir are a god... I though I heard the markets were gonna open tonight, I just had no idea it was a you're personal request.... Wow... I'm humbled that you took the time out to share your wisdom with us... Please oh please I only hope you continue to post your pearls of wisdom with us so we too can benefit.

    • Geeze..kstar and pebblehead have only been gone for a few hours and things are falling apart here..

      Wait..that's not the real bob is it?
      The real bob's alias is "bob__0" not "bob__O".

      Get a life Mac_Killer...


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