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  • SterlingChap SterlingChap Jun 1, 1998 11:49 AM Flag

    A view from the basement...the "thirty"

    I just bought AAPL October $25 puts, big time.

    I reckon they are going to get hit sideways as a
    result of the PC price/market contraction wars.
    PC sales executives will be under ORDERS to go for
    Apple footprints. Unless Apple make a big price cut
    (which they can't afford) the price gap vs PC will
    become embarrassing for any Purchasing Manager worth
    his/her salt.
    If PM's are stalling on buyin new PC's
    it's easier still for them to stall on buying more
    I'm thinking of sub $15 within 2 months. All the
    signs are there.
    We'll see!

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    • You're talking of sub $15 on the retail price of the Mac, right?

      Go AAPL!

      • 2 Replies to LaCordeNoire
      • I'll have cleaned up my profits long before then.

      • Regarding a previous question about Pentium II's
        running on a 100MHz bus: the Pentium II's can easily
        accomodate a 100MHz bus; users should see a substantial
        increase in CPU to memory transfer.The real question is
        this: When is AAPL going to get with the program and
        offer a 100MHz bus. Apple's CPUs are MUCH faster than
        the Pentium IIs and their motherboards are--at
        best--barely keeping up to the Wintel motherboards. If Apple
        would only stop making motherboards and just buy
        off-the-shelf PC motherboards (remember the blazing-fast
        Motorola Starmax 6000 based on common components?) we'd
        see a price drop and machine speedup.Here's an
        interesting thought... How much faster is a 266 MHz PPC 750
        (G3) verses a 350 MHz PPC 604e? Answer... NOT AT ALL
        FASTER! Just look at the processor architecture; look at
        the clock speed; read the hardware specs. The Starmax
        6000 did memory-intensive Photoshop operations (one's
        that completely thrash the backside cache) THREE TIMES
        faster than Apple's 9500/350 because the motherboard was
        so fast. Given a $100 off-the-shelf SDRAM PC
        motherboard, and the 350 MHz 604e will keep right up with a
        266 MHz G3!Apple's current motherboard is (memory
        wise) about on par with a cheap PC. Unfortunately, PCI
        speed leave a LOT to be desired. Anyway, the Wintel
        boxes will yet again leave Apple behind when the move
        to 100 MHz and Rambus.Oh well, just my little Apple

    • "I'm thinking of sub $15 within 2

      Ooh, a dime for a clue?

      The price gap vs. PC is
      CURRENTLY embarrassing for anybody that thinks PC's
      Price/Performance is more attractive than the Mac.

      You do
      realize that comparing a G3 300 to a P2 300 is not
      comparing "apples to apples", right?

      The G3 is a
      full generation past ANYTHING Intel has. Merced would
      allow them to catch up... to a point (remember, Merced
      is still going to have legacy CISC crap). Now that
      Merced is delayed, Apple will be TWO generations ahead
      of Intel once the G4 is out (early next

      If you are comparing a G3 to anything else, you
      better start looking for Unix workstations to compare
      them to, because nothing in the Wintel world is even

      You aren't really serious when you say

      You do realize that Apple has more than $15
      cash/share, right? On top of a current price/sales of less
      than 1/2???

      All the signs are there to be 3x
      what you are expecting in two months.

      This is
      EASILY the "sheeesh" award winner of the

      Good luck on your puts...

      I've got October &
      January $32.50 Call's , and I'm thrilled to have


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