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  • TheZooCrew TheZooCrew Oct 14, 1999 7:37 PM Flag


    What concerns me is that with this news we did not break into a new high....probable near term correction....Just my opinion

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    • We don't need prophets on this board. How many
      times people say Apple is dead, and how many time I
      heard people said AAPL will fall sharp when it actually
      climbing up?

      But well, I can understand how it
      feels when that sweet juicy apple on the tree is not
      belongs to you when you're so greedy and thirsty. Your
      jealousy make me really really happy.

    • I have been following Apple for quite some time
      and read this board for a good chuckle as all the
      players try to psych each other if it really
      works! Anyway I had a good laugh at your message or lack
      of it I should say. The last while I have heard it
      all...that Aapl earning were not going to cut it, the
      earthquake, MOT problems, lack of sales, lack of new
      ideas/product, cancellation of back orders,etc, etc. Now after
      Aapl has beat it estimates, brought out new product,
      listened to it buyers, whethered the earthquake, sorted
      out the chip shortage and gone up $12 a share while
      the rest of the market has taken a dump...all you can
      say is that on Monday it is doing to "GO
      DOWN"...based on what...that wonderfully predictive brain of
      yours...say you bought a few call contracts earlier this week
      and sold them not? Because you have
      NO CLUE what will happen in the future. Try to base
      your "comments" on some type of fact or just stop
      posting. Its tiresome to read such dribble.

    • <EOM>

    • on board by about thirty years I think. But,
      affectionately we (his employees) used to kid around by saying
      "what would 'Uncle George' think about that". All in
      jest, no harm intended. His philosophy ruled the
      company for many years after his death.

      He was
      very consumer oriented and believed in quality
      products. Kodak held to that belief until a new management
      style was introduced in the early eighties.

      was called bottom line management introduced by
      Harvard and all MBA graduates.

      I still think Kodak
      makes some great products, but so does Fuji and others.
      I buy Kodak film when I can get it on sale today,
      otherwise Fuji Film works just as well in my

      For high quality ink jet printing Kodak and others
      sell a "photographic grade" color print paper, without
      a silver halide emulsion. Essentially it is the
      substrate, a resin coated base with a subbing layer to
      attract and hold the ink jet printer's image. I am amazed
      how much companies charge for this without the
      expensive photographic sensitizing layers. The prices for
      both papers are roughly comparable. Looks like a real
      money maker for them.

      Thanks for for 'famous
      quotations' and I will check out the two posts that you
      referred to.

      Have a good weekend Pat,


    • i believe it applies to aapl;

      you cant keep a good man down.

    • You worked for George Eastman? What did you do
      there? Gee, my first camera, a Christmas gift from my
      uncle, was an Eastman Kodak Brownie. I had a lot of fun
      with that simple piece of high tech! (Reminds you of
      the Mac, doesn't it? Designed so in-genious-ly that
      it's un-imaginably simple for the user.)

      I came
      across those old quotes when I needed to doublecheck a
      quote in the doc I'm editing. There were some other
      amusing ones:

      "English law prohibits a man from
      marrying his mother-in-law. This is the limit of useless
      legislation." -- (unknown) (Tom, I know you had a wonderful
      mother-in-law; present company is always excluded in these kinds
      of quotes)

      "Never steal anything so small
      that you'll have to go to an unpleasant city jail for
      it instead of a minimum-security federal tennis
      prison." -- (P. J. O'Rourke, Modern Manners)

      that loseth his wife and a farthing hath a great loss
      of a farthing." -- (unknown)

      "They couldn't
      hit an elephant at this dist . . . " -- (Gen. John
      Sedgewick as he observed the Civil War battle of

      "I am about to -- or I am going to -- die. Either
      expression is used." -- (Dominique Boulhours, 17th century
      French grammarian)

      I didn't know it was IBM who
      devised DOS. I always thought that was exclusively a
      Gates plague.

      Speaking of the evolution of the
      computer, when one of the first two-piece Macs came out, a
      man who worked, in a college-level consulting
      capacity, with university computers day in and day out
      asked me if I thought computer technology had come as
      far as it was going to. He was actually

      Tom, did you find my last 'email' (nos. 67661 and
      67664)? If you didn't, maybe it's because I forgot to
      stamp them. :-)

    • I've lived here 17 years and it's great.

      went to Rice University here in Houston and was there
      in 1984 when we were one of the original Consortium
      of universities to use Macs. I believe some of our
      alumni have been big in the Mac world (Claris people, I

      I know a lot of people here who use Macs, although
      I don't know if the market share is greater than or
      less than the rest of the country.

      The humidity
      is great for the skin, y'know!

    • Where is that guy who wrote that dumb article in
      Barrons? Where is that guy who said techs were absurdly
      overvalued? Unfortunately, as a holder of many call contracts
      at 75, its too little too late. Oh well, good luck
      to all you who have been loyal and long.

    • take care of them cats.

    • looks like Mr. Aron Goodmiller owner of this
      domain lives in Sprinfield, VA just south of DC. I pass
      by this exit on I-95 when I go up to

      Is it possible he will try to sell this domain to
      Apple. As you say, he appears to be a "cybersquatter".
      Should be worth some money to Apple to buy it.

      Just checked, he own as
      well. Looks like he is definetly in it for the


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