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  • downriver_77 downriver_77 Jul 18, 2000 6:59 PM Flag

    Only Dell Gets to Count Invest. Gains

    Remember last quarter for
    Dell/Analysts/Everybody included Dell's investment gains in their EPS
    actual number reported. Apple gets slammed - doesn't get
    to count the 10 cents per share investment
    $ .45 actual against $ .44 target.
    The Apple
    comparison is of course correct, I'm just pointing out the
    double standard as far as Dell is concerned.

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    • The $0.10 a share gain is not what would usually
      be considered investment gains in typical earnings -
      it's a one-time gain from a sale. It is likely that
      the $0.45 earnings number does include investment
      gains due to ongoing investments.

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      • the fact that apple has not introduce new product
        line for 9 months, analyst all expected slower sales
        quarter, but did not expect such a high margin, apple has
        the best inventory and fincance department in the
        sector, thats not my words that the words of an analyst,
        Steve Jobs has the perfect oppurtunity to steal a lot
        of new computer buys with the Microsoft scandal and
        the linux hype, it is to perfect, as soon as the
        announcement was made AAPL rose to 60, then fell to 54, now it
        is close to 55, I think tommorrow you will be saddly
        surprised, I think apple will steal the PC show tommorrow,
        and if one analyst upgrades apple, then the stock
        will trade much higher probably closer to 61 than 60,
        still I'm being conservative. expected earnings forcast
        is also very important to analyst, and the new
        products will help the company big time. I hope you get a
        lot of rest tonight because tommorrow you will need
        it, when you change your user name over and over and
        over and....

      • Apple still has a ton of both ARM and Akami though. I think considering these activities to be "ongoing" would be quite accurate.

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