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  • daninvestordan daninvestordan Mar 13, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

    Under 30, keeps proving tilo was so right.

    Oh man what was he right.

    And i agree but sold a bit later them him. Still obvious it was going down.

    I would like to predict another thing: Arcam won't reach 50 within the next 1 year.

    Huge collapse coming and it will be paused in collapsing with ALOT MORE printing. But after 4 months they announce that it will crash down. THE WHOLE SYSTEM.

    Keep holding pdb3838. You a big fool.

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    • nondescriptemail123 Mar 14, 2014 12:14 PM Flag

      Oh look less than 24 hrs later and now you're wrong again. Maybe you should stop gloating like a little girl who won a game of Candyland, and actually provide some useful input for once.

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      • Beyond Tilo's capacity. He is like a little girl or playground clown. Such a need to gloat and receive adulation that he recalls the same post 30 times in 3 days and invents an alter ego to agree with him and give him the adulation he needs. Talk about a pathetic little clown.

        Bottom line, agree with you totally. But then Im a fool and always wrong per little Tilo

        He is always right, especially In the eyes of his own invented identity. LOL

    • Hey Tilo need to come back to the Arcam board and get your alter ego to agree with you, to say your the greatest because no one else will. Such a pathetic little man.

      Claiming credit for something you had nothing to do with, but then you have such a little need to keep coming back here, bringing up the same old topic that you have repeated 20 times in the last 2 days. Talk about pathetic. Don't even have stock in Arcam but need the arcam board to assuage your ego. But need an alter ego to do so because no one else will. And I'm the fool

      See in this thread you've defaulted to the same Tilo bad language, guess you've been unable to use your dictionary or spend enough time to even construct a decent sentence.

      But as usual, the signature tilo fool reference continues.

      So this down turn is due to the poor earnings report little Tilo???? Has nothing to do with the Ukraine, general market downturn or the fact that all the 3d printers were up greatly and there has been a lot of short interest and negative articles in the whole sector.

      No of course it is all due to the Tilo old news prediction that Arcam's earnings were bad and it was overvalued Arcam caused the entire market to go down. Such a clown, claiming credit for general market conditions and so needy he keeps repeating it as I predicted yesterday.

      And yes little Tilo I am happily holding. I said I might lighten up, but will hold the bulk because I still believe in the company. And by the way many stocks are still doing great, the great tilo collapse not withstanding.

      Keep trying little Tilo. Each headline post, giving yourself credit in your signature inarticulate needy style says it all and keeps proving my point.,

    • Panic is due to Russia did you know Russia was moving into Ukraine months ago?

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