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  • bfhdogs52 bfhdogs52 May 20, 2013 7:14 PM Flag

    Stock Offering/Over Allotment

    Does it strike anyone as interesting that the company was able to place over 13M shares with insittutions and the over allotment was exercised? Investors can say what they want about SFP's chances but these investors were willing to put up significant dollars before the Cruise data is released. They could be wrong but they obviosuly have strong beliefes that SFP will be successful. They did not buy the offering with the hope of selling off all their shares for a small quick profilt. Would be impossible to sell off that many shares and still keep the price abve the $3.05 offering. My point is these investors have put up serious $s and the offering was oversubscribed. What does that tell you about interest in the company and SFP.

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    • A partnership would have been much more welcome to us shareholders before the last two stock offerings. Since both LDO's were involved in Phase III and have first hand user experience with SFP all thru the trails, why didn't one of them beg to partner with RMTI? Why couldn't Chioini get Fresenius and DaVita in a bidding war on a partnership deal?

      Think on this. Neither one stepped up to save RMTI from all this additional dilution. Why? Both have cash to spare so no problem there. Do they know something we are not being told?

      Who are you thinking of for a partnership?

    • Most licence agreements come shortly after a company gets a large influx of cash as they want the company to be positioned well for after the phase 3 data is released.Now that they have that area covered expect to see news that will detail a joint relationship with the company.It's no secret that Davita is scared still using granuflo and as indicated are shifting to citrapure for use at all other clinics.This will dramatically increase sales as the investors bought all the shares up plus more knowing the fact of these two recent developments.I only see positive press releases coming out from the company as we head into the final phase of SFP as this will be the one that shows the company is correct in their observations as was the analysts making SFP a great success.

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