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  • thefattlady thefattlady Jul 15, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    biostator has been reported to SEC for false defamatory statements

    Hey biostator, expect a phone call from the SEC for your false defamatory posts.

    NONE of the deaths in this long term trial were drug related and death rates were similar in drug and placebo arm. Deaths were expected and the do happen when you track seriously ill people over a long period of time.

    Attempting to manipulate a stock with false defamatory statements is a FELONY.

    You've been reported to the SEC.

    === enforcement-at-sec-dot-gov

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    • If you report biostar you need to report the #$%$ predicting $6 today

    • Fattlady,now you trust this CEO?Lets see how many Die in the Cruise 2 trial and then get back with me.Untill then blame it on the people were sick anyways and no fault of SFP,but notice the lack of buying as the price stalls on facts.

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      • No I don't trust Chioini, but I don't make false assertions such that there were deaths related to SFP in an attempt to move the stock. THERE WERE NO SFP related deaths. That's why I reported you to the SEC.

        Had there been a single SFP related death the FDA would have stopped all trials within an hour. There have been 60,000 administations of SFP without a single safety issure related to SFP. Sure there were safety issues, the same ones you have with standard dialysis.

        I think Chioini is a weak CEO at best, but he didn't invent SFP he bought it, and his merits as a CEO vs. SFP's merits as an iron therapy are two very different issues. At this point, with all of the stock issuances, Chioini has destroyed the stock price but also given RMTI huge financial breathing room to get to approval. Expenses will fall off a cliff this month. I've followed probably over a hundred FDA trials over the years. I don't see anything in this one that gives me pause. In fact, SFP's benefit was significantly better than expected. I'm really looking forward to the detailed data regarding the subject removals from the trial. If data is as expected it will confirm that SFP is a very effective (and cost effective) iron therapy.

        Medicare/Medicaid are putting the squeeze on dialysis costs, they proposed a 9% cut for next year. DVA would be fools not to buy RMTI to give them a cost advantage over Fresenius,

        Sorry guy, you picked the wrong stock to short and falsely defame.

      • Your strategy won't work, you have to deal with facts on this board, too many smart investors. You made a serious mistake Shorting this stock, you need to take your manipulative nonsense elsewhere......

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You're new you're toast and you know it. Do not mess with our fat chick. And do not call her bluff You have been advised. Cya at 8

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