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  • rocky9188 rocky9188 Aug 24, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    Any other Biotechs as good as RMTI?

    Hey, so RMTI is my largest holding, and for good reason. Cruise 1 was a great success with p = 0.01 and since cruise 2 is a repeat of the same trial, it WILL be positive. Plus we have the Calcitrol FDA manufacturing approval coming any day now to the best of my knowledge. There is also no risk of dilution probably until next year I believe. All of this together to me means that RMTI is essentially derisked.

    Are there any other biotechs that you guys know of in which money can be made that are also de-risked? In my mind there is MNKD (having a MASSIVE sell off now after positive phase 3), ACRX (also had positive phase 3 and is mostly de-risked), DRTX (low volume but also de-risked with positive phase 3), CEMP, ONTX with 3 phase 3 cancer studies coming out late this year or early next year. It is a recent IPO with great potential.

    I only say this to help you all make some money, in hopes that some of you could make me some as well. Happy investing/trading !

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    • Check out ONCS. Currently sells for $0.30. IMO has great potential and would be trading much higher by the end of this year if the trial results are positive.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • CRMD. They are beaten and misunderstood and deserving so, but with the new management, I believe they have turned the corner. The communication and slides they have provided are very telling. Not only that, the acting CFO has recently bought shares on the open market. There is the risk of them being de-listed from the NYSE, but I believe they well get that taken care of easily due to my faith in this new management team.

      They received their CE mark which de-risks them significantly. And according to their powerpoint slides on their site, they expect the make sales this year! Their sales people are asking for lower salaries and more commission which to me says they are not having trouble selling their product. Trading less than a dollar, if they can report sales soon, they have a 3-4 hundred million dollar market and they have a 8.8 million dollar market cap. This is a perfect storm brewing. I see $5-6 by the end of 2014.

      Another is VTUS. They make a cream that is currently being made by compounding pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies don't have the standards that company-produced products have. Their phase 3 results are due at the end of Sept and because this is a product ALREADY prescribed by doctors and is known to be effective I see no reason why their trial should fail.

      CRMD and VTUS are my third and forth largest holdings behind CELG and ACAD.

      Best of luck to all. do your own DD

    • visceraljunket Aug 25, 2013 12:43 AM Flag

      First let me say that RMTI is one of my top 3 and at times I was frustrated but as we broke the $5 range, I felt better. So to address your question, I am also holding IMUC with the next few months promising to bring about some great pops. I am also riding the wildest bucking bronco in the pasture, INO. This is not a stock for the meek but if you do your DD, it might well grab you too. You may still have some time before it pops.
      want to say thank you for this post rocky9188. A bunch of great ideas have been posted.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I,ve been in OSIR for quite awhile ... Huge news/move last week. I took some profit on the $27 spike, but am starting to add them back. Their biosurgery unit is going to be huge. Might take some patience, but HUGE. Waiting on Swissmedic approval soon ... Another catalyst! Tightly held by a few insiders which is why it ran so hard. They have $$$, too. Do your own DD and don't chase, it might come back to fill that gap. Buying with both fists if it does...great knowledagble posters before the spike. Now, the circus has come to town ... You'll be able to weed out the good posters from the nonsense. Good luck!

    • Check out PRAN. Sells for $5.80, and is the leader in Alzeimers, with a drug that has already shown positive results. They are testing the same drug in Huntington disease and Parkinsons. Starting to really run on huge volume.

    • I would recommend CHTP, which will definitely have a good run in near future.

    • SNTS, CLDX, ACRX, SUPN, OMER, NPSP, ACAD, and a few smaller ones like DDXS, and ZLCS are worth a look.

      Recommend you focus on management that executes coupled with cash in bank.

      I own a chunk of Feb call options on RMTI.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Woah! With ACAD and NPSP and SNTS already having huge runs thus far this year, do you expect the trend to continue or level off soon? Anyway thanks for all the prospects!!

        Another large holding of mine is AMRN, they had a terrible run this year because after drug approval, they did not bring on a partner and sales were slow. A new FDA decision for the same drug is coming this fall/winter which would increase the patient base for the drug by more the double. It appears AMRN has reversed and is currently on the uptrend now.

    • I few others I hold that have approved products and are under $5.

      NAVB w/ product just rolling out and trading around 3.00. Nice pipeline too.

      AVNR around 5.00 w/ product out for 2+ years. At about a $100 mil revenue run rate. Many additional indications likely for Nuedexta.

      Both are worth a look I think. I also hold RMTI, cost about 4.90.


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