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  • hymanroz hymanroz Oct 18, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    Biotech sector Bloodbath ....????

    Those of you that are playing in this field should be very careful at this crucial time/inflection point. i.e. Aria,dndn,psdv,immu,acrx,vnda,vicl,arna the list goes on and on......Waking up to find your account has been destroyed because of a scratch ticket is ridiculous. consider it financial suicide if you will? I am not saying this will happen to RMTI, but stranger things have happened. If you have a large position, I suggest you lighten up and keep some cash ready to deploy. Rotation is the most important part of being ahead of this game, and money is merely transferable moving from one place to another. Keep your eye on Tech,steel and Agriculture for the upcoming rotation. i.e. (FB,NQ,X,STLD,IPI,CLF,POT,MON,CAT etc..) I know many of you read these boards and are learning.....I write from the heart and tell it like it is....Many like to throw stones and tell me they placed me on ignore. Truth is.... they know that 90% of my calls and timing are dead on. I have been doing this for almost 20 years and one thing I know.....The proof is in the pudding!!! Stay thirsty my friend...night....night!!!!

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    • Where were you 11 years ago when the price was under .50 ! Many of us took a huge leap of faith and it is beginning to pay off. Management has delivered. We are beginning to reap what was sewn 12 years ago!

      It is amazing to me how guys like you have suddenly appeared on this board as things begin to fall in place and seem to know everything about Rockwell and Triferic and Calcitrol.

      "Stay thirsty and night... night" just does not appeal to me!!

      Go look in the mirror and talk to and admire yourself -- no one cares what you think!!

      I look at AMAG -- one product that has had its issues, no core business. It goes to $65.00 near approval and is now trading in the 20's. Now you have RMTI with Triferic and Calcitrol and an excellent core business. This is a no brainer -- we have just begun the ride up!

      This is a good time to buy before a partnership is announced.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I get it you saying sell..ok now time to BUY ...people who are really successful would never waste their time posting on an idiot board...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • A fair and sensible post from the Gifted One! Thumbs up for me.

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