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  • james08099 james08099 Oct 22, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

    Been in RMTI since $3 with Raj and ACAD since $2

    These are both still great companies but both have made their big move. The easy money had been made, I always consider a stock at this point "hard" money. For those willing to listen, two companies that have yet to make their big moves yet have been relatively derisked. CHTP is one, and can go to 7-8 before its reaches the "hard" money stage. The other is CYTK, which is a double in 4-5 months. Enjoy if u decide to join me. I moved my 600k gains into these two. GL

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    • RMTI still has a long way to go before reaching the "hard" money stage.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • James I'm not your biggest fan but be safe with both of those companies you mentioned. CHTP is prime to get a Adam F balst article sometime soon, as was the case with CPRX recently. Also CYTK may in fact double from current valuation based on hopium but be cautious holding through data read out. Good luck.

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      • Raja I appreciate the advice but let's be honest haven't done any he on either. I really don't want to ramble on as to why bc it obvious and its ok. I will say Adam will not bash CHTP bc he wrote a article as short as a month ago as to why it will be approved. Both these drugs harness more potential and less risk than CPRX. Don't know why you'd touch that with a 9' pole. I wish u luck with that one. I always look for stories in biotech that are misunderstood, ACAD, RMTI, CHTP, CYTK bc they provide the most upside while the downside is factored in ( rmti and acad before their big moves) just a lil fyi

    • I'm holding CYTK and so far, it's been a huge disappointment. CHTP is also a coin toss. Their Droxidopa only works for 2 weeks then it stop working. No durability of effect.

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      • Well they have a new phase 3 trial that does bring more efficiency than the previous trial. I along with Adam F, believe this is enough to approve but a post approval trial will be needed. Still, without durability, two weeks relief is still very important. Adam also believes it is undervalued for its mkt potential. Fairly significant comment for Adam. Def more than a coin flip or FDA wouldnt have accepted their NDA. As for CYTK I got in upper six, so my cost basis is so low I can afford to wait. Hope urs isn't to high bc yes it has been brutally misunderstood- which is music to my ears and wallet

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