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  • bozo_nyc bozo_nyc Jan 4, 2003 10:28 PM Flag

    My first post

    I have been reading alot of the posts here for the last 2-3 weeks and it's about time I finally came out and say something.

    There's alot of unknowledgable people here whom seem to "know-the-know" when it comes to the insurance underwriting business or what TWK's ultimate survival business model is. Sure the letter of credit proves that they have 500M in underwriting for 2003 BUT some things obviously isn't yet painting a pretty picture for TWK. There is an upcoming senior notes renogiatable process in the fourth-coming months along with a past 911 insurance covering claims to be settled. In what ways do these "pumpers" on this board (ie. johnpasq2003, sure_for_sure, kingmarine2002, broke20002002 and many more...) claim that TWK will soar back to above $2 in the near-future?
    We are talking about a possible huge share dilution in place and imho, this is possibly the only thing the directors & ceo can do in order to settle the notes in due time. In any case, those claims by pumpers are unfoundly DUMB and is quite frankly wishful-thinking for the most part.

    Most people that bought in after the LOC news came out are now, unfortunatly regreting their purchase. Why? Pure & simple, it was the act of listening to uninform posters whom claim how "big" the news was. Who are those posters, you ask? It's quite easy to recognize the promoters, the pumpers, and the cheerleaders of the pack. jad_333 & cigarbat...SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU for promoting this garbage stock!

    You two had done some amazing analytical work in order to pursue buyers...and still consistenly continue doing it after hundreds of shareholders lost money on "your bet". I must give it to you both for that amazing work. Not only did you guys pursue people in buying but now have cause most people's hard-earned savings down the toilet. Can you blame both of those individuals? No, certainly not. I don't blame both of them for what they did since, afterall, they are both bagholders. Their strategy? Why not promote it, pump the share price back up and sell back to the suckers for at least breakeven or possible small profit? Amazing.

    Also, I couldn't resist laughing when sure_for_sure quoted that he actually listened to posters like jad_333 to evaluate his investing decisions! He claimed "too bad, there are not enough of you good people out there whom I can trust". rotflmao! Not only is he a total dweeb but he'll turn out to be a sucker for the rest of his life. You're ignorant, stupid, dumb for not doing your own DD and now you are part of the gang of bagholders whom the "smart money" sold it to you.

    Anyways, thank you all for the good laughs I had here. Certainly, the phrase "a sucker is born every minute" applies to each and every one of you who have a sentiment of "BUY/STRONG BUY". You guys honestly deserved it.

    ..Good night, from New York.

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