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  • cigarbat cigarbat Jan 9, 2003 12:41 AM Flag

    Charlotte Plane Crash

    I actually called Mr Hunte today to see if they were on this crash. As well as if they were on the flooding in the EU (as well as a few other quest)

    I did read the post from rjsama, and I know that love ones are the most important to everyone, we all feel bad about any kind of loss of life.

    At the same time, it is our business and responsibility to make whole the financial impact of an accident.

    Im sure the families of the people who lost their lives today are devastated, but at one point they will need some support to help them through the financial impact as well. This will not lesson their loss of loved ones.

    If TWK was covering this aircraft, it was a smaller commuter plane and shouldn't be a large claim. And fortunately, there were only 19 people on board.

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    • Ciggy I have been gone , I turn on my computer and what do I see you talking about airplane crash and TWK , I got scared at first. But we will probably be ok. We don't even know if they insured that one. we hope not. My 12 yr. old son and I went to Borders and we shopped around. He bought some jelly beans . On they way out he says have a jelly bean. No I don't want a jelly bean I tell him, He says no dad have one. Ok . Well these jelly beans are trick Jelly beans and I got the pepper flavored one . It was terrible. Good thing I didn't get the dirt flavored one ! He says that is the worst one. Well i think today we all reached in the candy jar and got a pepper flavored jelly bean with our stock going down 5 cents. Maybe tomarrow we will get lucky and get a coveted red cherry with a 10 cent up! Amen God Bless ! Please Fag go away ! and let me get my brain back after you rattled it today.