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  • stuck_pig2003 stuck_pig2003 Jan 14, 2003 7:58 PM Flag


    Read the mail. Sell me out, but please not till $10.

    BTW, the 30 questions are all alligned to flow.

    In a nutshell:

    Begin with the obvious (recent crashes), to simple (anticipated Q$ release), to more specific (ceding business, Q$ reserves against defferec tax, invested asset write downs and portfolio composition, profit expectation, Q4 estimates, merger provisions, S&P meeting date, standbay LOC with BH/Chubb, preferred dividend reinstatement and issues, dillution up to 550 mill for conversion, warrant price/issued/exercisable, Lloyds capacity net or gross, lack of insider buying and 10Q 1,365,000 new options dated Dec 16, impact of regulators taking US companies, impact on credit rating and going concern if LaSalle under, the 3.7 mill shares, Mr. Deutsch's ownership vs. insider position, actuarial report supposed to be done/finalization/release date/good or bad/material/hows it going/meet S&P and others after to help upgrade, Greenhills role as consultant or debt for equity swap, April debt issue expected resolution/dillution issues or refinance, stock below $1 and NYSE listing concerns/what are you doing about it, cash and assets vs. share price leave you ripe for a corporate raid - is there a share holder plan to prevent hostile takeover/in CC Marty not opposed to Chubb or BH buyout so it it an option being weighed if prive increases, where do you see TWK in 6 mths and 12 on debt-actuarials-share price-ownership, can we expect greater communication to avoid shares dropping on unsubstantaieted speculation.

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    • stuck:

      By and large a great set of questions. If only you can get in the perverbial door. I don't doubt the man is very busy now and getting busier... Q4 has to be in draft form soon--2 weeks probably--for board to review and right now auditors need numbers.

      It's possible he's avoiding you. Does he know the nature of your call? As I recall you said you left your name and that of your law firm. If you didn't say why you were calling, it's conceivable he thinks you are an attorney for one of crash victims' families, atlhough the insurance company's CFO is probably not the person an attorney would call on that subject.

      Speaking of the crash and looking at the sequence of your topics, my gut feeling is that the crash question should be near the end, almost by-the-way... Judging from Marty's reluctance to answer the same question, you could elicit a defensive reaction. That dampen the tone of the whole conversation. For our purposes tone is as nearly important as substance. A relaxed respondent is more likely to reveal his state of mind than a wary one. In any case, whatever you get is more than we have now... Appreciate your efforts...Jad

    • Add my appreciation to the list stuck.

      I'm all for you making a site visit to Stamford. Six messages feels like 5 too many- but I expect Mr. Hunte's busier than he's been in a long time and hasn't had the call you've had for client/customer responsiveness...

      Go forth and conquer-


    • stuck_pig2003:
      I'm an investment professional who couldn't begin to put together a list of questions as complete as yours. My feeling is that with you representing our interests we are in really competent hands. I am also really pleased when someone like Mr. Hunte with an "e" doesn't quite get around to returning phone calls. I'm just sorry you aren't in a position to influence his bonus and/or stock options. I don't care if you are a lawyer, I think you're one hell of a guy.

    • Got Aspirin?

      That's a load of questions. I'm not sure the board can afford your rate per hour on this volume of

      Good questions, not sure he woud be allowed to answer many of them, so be ready to jump to the next ones in line.

      If you can get answers to those, we'll know where we are in life.

      Good List Waldo!