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  • jiangzwq jiangzwq Jan 22, 2003 8:55 PM Flag

    tomorrow 0.4-0.6

    sell it and watch what is going on.

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    • Yes Precisely, I say No CAR ! Born in CA driving at 15 in 1973.Used to go up the dirt roads on top of the hills overlooking Thousand Oaks and park at night. Kiss my girlfriend a little bit and drink Boones Farm Strawberry hill wine. Those were the days!Life was good!

    • Now John, are you "the guy"?


      I have charter, I think $50 bucks a month. But you live in the High rent district.

      It's funny you mentioned NY. About ten years ago, we were doing some deals there and I mentioned something about my car and the guy we were dealing with (35 years old) said he NEVER owned a car in his life!

      I found that absolutely unbelievable. How can anyone go their entire life and never own a car! Impossible, except for NY, I guess.

      They live in another world, actually a small world, IMO.

    • Oh yea I don't Know what was wrong with me to save 40 bucks a month , I must have been crazy! I am flying now. I have Adelphia , 30 bucks for the first 3 months then it goes to 57 a month. It is really fast. I put a ethernet card too so that makes it even faster! The installer was really nice he did a few tune ups on my computer. Now I see alot of girls in bikinis faster and cover more ground! He! He! I took a nice walk to Ralphs 1 block , better for my health than driving. But I don't know how some people live without a car? I over heard a couple talking at Starbucks and this guy was making small talk with this pretty girl there, actually I think he was trying to pick up on her but anyway she told him she didn't have a car , that she was from New York and used to it. the guy was kinda in shock to here that and so was I !Maybe he did pick up on her she didn't have a car , HE COULD DRIVE HOME SO TO SPEAK! he!he!

    • Hey John, hows that high speed cable. Like a dream isn't it?

      You can even sign up for the Platinum cable, it goes, like 800 times faster that regular cable.

      Either way, your spoiled for life.

      Once you go cable access, you'll never go back.

    • Ciggy I swear if I had more money I would have bought more when it hit 61 and started back up I Knew it was ok , there was no bad news it was maybe the mm messing around. Actually I got mad when I saw people selling at .66-67 and I called them Pussies. I didn't know it was going to .61 it did it so fast while I was typing or reading or something. Groovy! Long live Tommy James (Crimson and clovers) Moni,moni, remember?

    • wow???

      4-6 cents OMG ! ! ! !



    • Thank you Jiang

      Any "real" reasons? Or do you know something nobody else knows?

      Have you seen something somewhere we missed?

    • Interesting. Just 2 days ago you were saying that this stock could go as high as $10 (post 14987). My how you change your mind so suddenly. Hence, further proof of your bitterness about being taken out by your stop loss. Sucks to be you!

    • Let me guess, you were one of the unfortunate ones who got taken out by a stop loss and now you're bashing in hopes of getting back in. Too bad, so sad!