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  • cigarbat cigarbat May 21, 2003 10:33 PM Flag

    Hey whats happening guys

    I noticed that Eva's running around saying that I lied or something.

    What's her problem?

    She supposedly purchased TWK one year ago for $9 a share. I wasn't even around (TWK) one year ago. ( I purchased my shares last December)

    Then she says I "lied" about talking with Marty or Allen. I believe I have proof, another poster called Allen and he (Allen) refused to talk with him because he didn't like me posting our conversations on Yahoo.

    If Allen thought I had exaggerated or lied, I'm sure he would have said so.

    Obviously the death knell was the increase in reserves of $200 Million.

    I was out of town and had placed stops (.20 cents) on TWK. It had crashed down to .10 I think.

    Oh well, if Eva feels better about herself and wants to blame me for her purchase a year ago, so be it. She still has a nice butt.

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    • Hey cigbat, nice to hear from you. I shouldn't talk, however, since I've dropped out of sight for weeks at a time.

    • Dasbof, try checking out ACAS, it pays 11% dividends, no real wild swings, steady growth.

      It's much safer, and after 7 years you investment doubles (compounding). There's many others out there like that (I'm not promoting this particular stock, even tho I own some).

      1st rule of insurance, "spread your risk."

    • Holy Shit, that's alot of shares on a high risk stock.

      I hope you guys aren't betting the farm on penny stocks.

      If you play with 5% of your holdings that's one thing.

      Wow, I need another beer.

    • Cigar. We took a survey recently on how many shares the "Yahoo Boyz" hold and we own over 3.5 million shares! About 10%!! Below is a partial list of holders. - Dasbof.

      1. jbtwotears----------240,500=_____240,500__
      2. Notgiveupyet--------80,000=_____320,500__
      3. Lugheads1957--------15,000=_____335,500__
      4. Albrt---------------21,000=_____356,500__
      5. Dk12065------------120,000=_____476,500__
      6. JAD-----------------20,000=_____496,500__
      7. Sabaziotatos---------50,000=_____546,500__
      8. Noresemblance--------28,600=_____575,100__
      9. Catfish2299---------62,000=_____637,100__
      10. gnogno88-----------203,290=_____840,390__
      11. Dasbof-------------102,000=_____942,390__
      12. Harleygirl-----------25,000=_____967,390__
      14. Gord-----------------10,000=_____997,390.
      15. Pinenurse------------10,000=___1,007,390.
      16. Bargaintrading2002---81,000=___1,088,390__
      17. Albertpavlik--------155,400=___1,243,790__
      18. Bfeuz1--------------11,000=___1,254,790__
      19. synergykjs----------15,000=___1,269,790__
      20. byhighsello----------20,000 ___1,289,790__
      21. waittilnextyear-----102,400=___1,392,190__
      22. bjoyner68-----------117,000=___1,509,190__
      23. twkman----------------4,004=___1,513,194__
      24. twk000jester---------42,390=___1,555,584__
      25. S4S-----------------45,900=___1,601,484__
      26. gnogno88-iraxtra----24,885=___1,626,369__
      27. nadavaseline---------6,500=___1,632,869__
      28. designatus----------22,000=___1,654,869__
      29. clearwater---------100,000=___1,754,869__
      30. resb7527-----------200,000=___1,965,869__
      31. steves--------------12,000=___1,977,869__
      32. Afn09436------------20,000=___1,997,869__
      33. Kastle and bro------47,500=___2,046,369__
      34. burnra23-------------9,000=___2,055,369__
      35. mncorne--------------8,000=___2,063,369__
      36. tuanngnt------------70,000=___2,133,369_
      37. gzurbuchen----------88,000=___2,221,369_
      38. giading-------------60,000=___2,281,369__
      39. trader2098----------78,400=___2,359,769__
      40. Eva-----------------48,000=___2,407,769__
      41. dr. stocktrader----350,000=___2,757,769__
      42. dodwoodman----------87,992=___2,845,761__
      44. zerotolerance-------53,000=___2,908,761__
      45. androsman------------2,500=___2,911,261__
      46. Kinkos12003---------55,600=___2,967,861__
      47. jcar2000------------35,000=___3,002,861__
      48. humble_bow-----------5,300=___3,008,161__
      49. det_sherlock--------26,000=___3,034,161__

    • I burned some Global crossing shares, it was a bonfire.

    • Dasbof, I hear ya on the beers. TWK has turned me into a beer drinking machine. Sounds like a plan (the burning of the shares). Or we could just burn the money that we are going to continue to throw into this baby instead.

    • Welcome Cigar. I do not understand eva half the time anyway. I always enjoyed your posts in the past and most would hear would never consider you anything but a nice and honest person. Stop by anytime. Goodluck to you. - dasbof. P.S. - would you consider a twkgf purchase today. Many hear still believe it has some potential.

      • 2 Replies to dasbof
      • Hey Dasbof, how have you been.

        I'm on the road alot and I think only posted 5 or 6 times in the last few months. Most hotels have real slow hook ups.

        I back in the office this week and next. It's always nice to be home.

        <<<would you consider a twkgf purchase today.>>

        The consensus in the industry's pretty much over for Trenwick. They need to try and sell their claim reserves asap, turn everything they can into cash and hope theirs enough left over.

        Realize the consensus are not insiders, just an outside perspective.

        It's really a crap shoot as to the amount that could be left over.

        I have heard that Washington state is or has taken some action against one of the big subsidiaries, but I haven't found any confirmation.

        I did make a killing on SNDK, bot a load of it (about $16 a share) it's over $31. Not bad for two months. hehehe

      • Sorry about the hear/here. I am into a few beers already. Woohoo. - Dasbof.