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  • timetomo timetomo Dec 30, 2009 5:56 PM Flag

    This is a hidden gem!

    The fact that there are less than 20 posts in whole month of December means this stock is under the radar of general public. If this was a tech stock it would be over $10 by now!
    Most people overlook the clothing sector but I haven't seen many naked people running around in this world.
    Awesome move today!

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    • Don't be so sure. Risk here is EXTREMELY high. I give them as high as a 50/50 chance of going backrupt in the next couple months. There's been a LOT of damage done to the balance sheet, with write-downs for businesses they should have NEVER gotten into. And debt levels, relative to equity, have gotten quite large indeed. I was long earlier in 2009, but decided to get out, several months ago, after some really SCARY earnings reports, and horrendous losses. This thing MIGHT need to be recapitalized, before they can turn it around. It's a very close call. It's either a zero....or a $20 stock in a year. I'm not playing because I actually suspect that a significantly, or even massively dilutive common share offering, or convertible preferred issue, might be one other way they rebuild the balance sheet.

    • Have you heard anything about the spring 2010 clothing lineup? Just looking at this company for now. Do you know who the Perry Corporation is? They own almost 10% of co.Greeting from the "D"