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  • canuck2671 canuck2671 Sep 10, 2012 3:32 PM Flag

    Should close blood red!!short away to $14

    Bad Company

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • It's quite apparent you know nothing about how the markets work.. Give your money to a professional to help you invest..or you could end up like ole quickscam.. broke and unemployed...

    • So . . . . blood red? Short away to 14?

      Quick; you are transparent and useless.

      Your comments don't even rise to the level of comic relief any more.

      I understand. It's hard to get up every day and make more inane comments when it is so obvious to everyone (including yourself) that you are wrong. To make those comments witty or at least well reasoned takes more effort. Effort you can't muster.

      Save yourself quick; leave here. Find a new life doing something constructive. You'll feel better about yourself. More alias' aren't the answer. Neurotic conversations between your various alias aren't fooling anyone.

      Housing had it's meltdown. You called it early. Of course before that you were calling for the demise of USG on some other grounds. You were just checking off the next reason USG was doomed. Well, in all fairness, the worst housing market was very very bad for USG. But in the end you were wrong; USG has survived to fight again another day. As always; USG is a very well run company with industry executives second to none. USG is now on an upswing.

      It will be increasingly difficult for you to get up each morning, go to the library and make comments about how terrible USG is while they become immensely profitable and the share price rises to 40.

      You said you would go away. Quick, that doesn't translate to 'I will start a new alias.' Save your soul; go find something else to do.

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