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  • rtboater45 rtboater45 Nov 20, 2012 10:54 AM Flag

    LOL.. Worm/Quickie

    The no substance pumpers are back.. Come on worm/quickie are you at a loss for words today?

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    • I haven't posted anything on this board since early August and only a few times on Zillow's board. So I think you've got the wrong guy. I'm playing mostly ETF's these days. The economic twists and turns are easier to predict then any companies financial progress or lack there of, as in USG's case.

      I'm still planning to return to this board when USG becomes insolvent in this quarter or next.

      Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 2 Replies to quickmovesmiles
      • INSOLVENT???? LOL.... Let's see, you have been saying that since USG traded sub $5.. You have got to be the dumbest person that posts on this board.. So far you have missed out on a gain of 450%+.. Being wrong is part of the game as all of us have missed an opportunity but to continually post stupid baseless comments and not own up to that makes you the dumbest person on any board.

        You have no idea what is going on with USG....

        I still have not sold any shares that I bought sub $5... or closed the option position that expires Jan 2014...

        Hummm...I guess we will not hear from you again (at least not as quick slime ball or worm)....Go buy you a lottery ticket.. You have more of a chance buying the winning ticket then to get anything right about USG... GLTA...

      • Same ole Quikkie. Good to see you haven't lost the edge on your world-class stupidity.

        I worried that you might look at your experience of the last couple years (where you've loudly and obnoxiously made about 150 public predictions --and been unbelievably wrong on about 146 of them), and learn from it... but I needn't have worried.
        You don't DO learning. You're not capable of it.

        Please, stick around. Share some of your latest 'wisdom.'

        I'd love to know what ETF's you're buying; I could really use some great short ideas.

        If I ran a fund devoted to inverting your decisions at every turn, I'd have won the freaking Morningstar Award the last two years.

        You are truly a special gift from the Market Gods, Quik.
        At dinner on Thursday, I gave thanks for the presence of guys like you.

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