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  • snagarjuna snagarjuna Nov 17, 2005 4:07 PM Flag

    Trades at 13 and above

    Look like some nervous shorties bought 16K at 13 and above right at close. Not likely from members of this board who like to brag about their puny 300 sh short position.

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    • Whatever. After hours is never relevant. In daytime trading also, lots of head fakes and high volume exchanges by those who set the prices (MM's). Shorts and longs will have to ride this bronco until fundamentals become important again. (i.e. the market recognizes impending dilution) Drug testing is very, very expensive. Any ideas about how many millions will be needed for these studies? :Fodosine planned combination IV and oral Phase IIb pivotal clinical trial in patients with T-cell leukemia. (The Company has requested a Special Protocol Assessment from the FDA for this planned trial.) Additionally, Fodosine(TM) is currently being studied in a Phase I trial with an oral formulation in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) and a Phase II trial in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). BioCryst also plans to initiate a Phase I/II trial in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia during 2005.
      A Phase Ib study with BioCryst's second-generation PNP inhibitor, BCX-4208, was recently initiated and is being conducted with the goal of initiating Phase II studies in patients with psoriasis in 2006. BioCryst has re-initiated clinical development of peramivir, an inhibitor of influenza neuraminidase, with a focus on intravenous and intramuscular delivery. Also, BioCryst has identified a clinical candidate, BCX-4678, in its hepatitis C polymerase inhibitor program, and is advancing this compound through preclinical testing with the goal of filing an IND in early 2006.....Any ideas about how much all this will affect the burn rate going forward?

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      • Book is < 1.563
        Cash Flow From Operations < -23.01M
        Free Cashflow < -15.04M

        Pipe line: most of the drugs being tested have many have competitors and are in early stages. Estimates are guess as to their true worth.Form 10-Q Our accumulated deficit at September 30, 2005 was $144.7 million. We will require substantial expenditures relating to the development of our current and future drug candidates. In addition, the costs associated with the manufacturing of Fodosine�, BCX-4208, BCX-4678 and peramivir will increase as we scale up to the larger production runs required for both clinical development and additional toxicology studies required for each of these programs.We will be required to raise additional capital to complete the development and commercialization of our current product candidates..... We will be required to raise additional capital to complete the development and commercialization of our current product candidates..... The issuance of preferred or common stock or convertible securities, with terms and prices significantly more favorable than those of the currently outstanding common stock, could have the effect of diluting or adversely affecting the holdings or rights of our existing stockholders.In 2004, our operations consumed approximately $1.5 million per month, and the burn rate at the end of the third quarter 2005 was approximately $2.1 million per month.

        Cash burn rate is more like 2X-3X 2004 burn rate YTD.

      • Can anyone tell me what prints mean? I know that when the price at a point of time is unreasonable, that's called a print. But do "prints" actually get executed? Someone please tell me what they are and why it happens, thx!

    • Why would anyone buy at 13? When there were plenty of shares at 12.30 or less.

    • nice post on the calls, guess I have to start playing the options

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