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  • joe_dirts_brother joe_dirts_brother Sep 25, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    SEC Filing Today

    Hey Jimiwhimi, I mean JAC. How's it going JAC? How's the air in the BASEMENT today JAC? Nice try, JAC. See ya, JAC.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • joe's dirty brother, take your meds, and please sell all your shares if you have any, if you don't why are wasting time here, are you lonely and this is the only place someone will talk to you. Ok, I'll talk to you, when you see positive post, does make your blood boil? Do your hands start to shake? Do you get blurred vision and the screen is hard to read? Do you see Jac in your dreams? Let me help you. Go to a real quiet place. Close your eyes and take slow deep breaths. Concentrate on a happy place. Maybe a time before you started trading stocks. A time in the past where you were really happy. Remember, slow deep breaths. Stay in your happy place for about 15 minutes and have nothing but positive thoughts. Then open your eyes and try to come back to reality. Doing this will at least help you from having a heart attack. Good luck.

      I really hope this helps. Tell how you feel tomorrow.

      Sentiment: Buy

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