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  • jack_hemmer_rides_again jack_hemmer_rides_again Mar 4, 2014 2:21 PM Flag

    "Highest Priority" ? Not for savvy investors.

    It is just more hollow headed sensationalism.. or pumping. No one in their right mind buys into this type of research.. they sell it. Why? Because it does not represent a business opportunity outside govt. contracting. Look at SIGA for an example of what one time govt. sales do for a company. AVII tried to operate in these indications for years.. to no avail. They have a great flu drug too. Until they focused on DMD.. an approach with commercial application.. they wallowed in failure. These bio-terror events are extremely low probability outliers sareptatherapeutics.c*m/our-programs/infectious-diseases/hemorrhagic-viruses/
    In statistics, an outlier is an observation point that is distant from other observations. An outlier may be due to variability in the measurement or it may indicate experimental error; the latter are sometimes excluded from the data set."
    As an investor, this should be excluded from your data set. It adds to confidence in the platform..and that's about it. BCRX will never see one dollar of revenue from 4430. It will be sold before that ever occurs.. based on commercial potentials.
    Only drugs with commercial potential represent long term growth opportunities. The driver is HAE. eos.

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    • Cut the cr#p Jack. HAE is not real for Biocryst yet - show me the money. Until a successful phase II completes, you are stating what we all agree is great information and every reason to hold Biocryst. But what if the now inconceivable occurs, and phase II turns into number 2??? So please tone it down a notch or two.

    • jack_hemmer

      June 6, 2013 (this topic has been deleted)

      4430 is a MRES CoV treatment

      would the Saudi govt. fund this.. they have a decent sized outbreak of MERS.

      Does this virus originate from animals? Why is it that most viruses start from an animal, as opposed to a human?

      MERS almost certainly jumped to humans from an animal. In this case it appears most likely that it was at least originally from a bat. There is an incredible reservoir of known and unknown viruses in animals around the world—each species has its own microbial repertoire. This pool of microbes is not static—it continues to mutate and mix genes, leading to a large pool of potential agents that can infect us. And while some older human viruses can spread through changing conditions, it's estimated that 75 percent of emerging infectious diseases in people originate from an animal source.

      What are health officials doing now? And if this spreads, what will they be doing?

      We're living in a remarkable time. While the risks of pandemics have increased dramatically, so too has the global level of scientific and public health expertise. Among the exciting trends that we've seen in both the recent outbreaks of H7N9 and MERS is a high level of international collaboration and transparency. Viruses don't respect borders between countries, and our efforts to combat them must truly be global.

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