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  • parbleu38 parbleu38 Nov 21, 2008 1:23 PM Flag

    20% divvie doesn't help my 50% drop

    Maybe the growth time and growth-mob has to change to zero-growth. The worlds economic system is a big chainletter and loosers are nature and humanity. Without recessions like this we will never learn that expansion is no longer possible. Next recession will be even worse. This is a hint to change to green. MEA is right but surely will be under 1.00 before slow up.

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    • It looks a little frantic and insane to me now, chasing growth and ever-increasing consumption of junk, in a world where the plutocrats have lost all contact with reality and decency.
      I've only been tampering with money since 2000, but I can see now that whatever I thought I was doing, the outcomes were way out of my control.
      The funds I bought in 2000 crashed and I sold. UBS had said it was the buying opportunity of the century.
      They are still way under water( they were all into the tech bubble and basically nasdaq correlated but in those days i left all that to an adviser. What did I know?
      So I took the controls myself, and was doing fine until the bottom fell out of shipping and oil. I am not sure working folks should be in this game. The big boys are calling all the shots and have no scruples. About 500k of my retirement notion is gone.
      On the other hand, are we approaching ' the buying opportunity of the century?" Looks like I'm still hooked.

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      • Stay hooked. You could well be hooked onto a treasure. Big boys do control it. Look at the up and down play in a stock each day. Only way to win is to get a winner and wait, which funds don't do, or else trade short-term. I'm into both. Buy a stock with a daily differential in price up-down of 8%. Limit order buy at a low, close, limit order sell up 6%. Traders do this each day and churn the markets and make money and small investors sweat and often sell low. BTE doesn not have a profile as something to short-term trade. It is a buy and wait stock. Be happy with the dividend, energy prices will rebound shortly. Sorry about your past losses but most people are like you. You will do better in the future. Stay hooked.

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